Skyrim Fan Notices Dead Argonians Tail “Still Moves”

Given how broad and expansive Skyrim’s universe is, there are a lot of details that gamers might easily ignore, even after playing through the game numerous times. For example, 10 years after the game’s first release, one player spotted a little but significant puzzle detail in Skyrim. This newly uncovered information, on the other hand, is unnerving, to say the least.


A user on Reddit namely, NRKY16 has come across a dead Argonian and witnessed that the tail of the creature was still moving. This felt as if the Argonian was still alive and breathing.

While the movement of the tail can simply be the result of the whooshing of the wind but seeing that Argonians are designed after lizards and that lizard’s tails could still show movements even after the lizard is long dead. Thus, it could be that developers tried to rope in this effect in include in the game as well.

Always fascinated me the fact that their tail still moves even after they’re long dead
byu/NRKY18 inskyrim

In any case, for some players, seeing a chunk of an NPC’s body move after death is still quite unsettling. While there are various issues in Skyrim that allow character models to wander around sporadically even after death, the tiny movement of the dead Argonian’s tail back and forth is evident.

  • It’s incredible to see fans recognizing these minute details in Skyrim after it has been out for almost a decade. The Skyrim Anniversary Edition adds a lot more material to the game for players to enjoy.
  • However, the standard edition of Skyrim still has a lot for players to do and explore. In some ways, Skyrim’s large amount of material is one of the reasons it has survived for so long.

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