Skyrim: Infinite Hitbox Bug Results In Max Combat Skills

Skyrim is one of the finest role-playing games ever made. Almost a decade ago, Bethesda released the most exciting game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s full of fun quests, amazing characters (mine is The Breton) and how can I forget the main things, the bugs, and glitches. We can also call Skyrim a synonym of glitch. It has a lot of glitches and bugs which players continuously encounter with.

Players have experienced a lot of glitches in past and some of these are funny.
  • One player found that after completing the main quest on the Dragonborn DLC and defeating Mirrak, Hermaeous Mora offers to reset the perk tree in return for the dragon soul. When the player agreed to it he found that he was able to upgrade all of his dragon shouts without killing another dragon.
  • Another player has learned a trick to increase locking skill Skyrim with minimal effort, but for many skills especially combat-oriented ones, it is difficult to increase the skill by methods other than active combat. There are many more bugs and glitches but I am stopping here.

Recently, a player named InstructionSlow3396 also encountered a bug – a Blood Dragon with an infinite Hitbox. This allows users to upgrade permanently two-handed weapon ability without having to worry about dead dragons. In short, the bug allows their combat skills to level up quickly without switching to different parts of the game.

Bethesda has to work on its bug and glitches. It can also create problems for the users. However, currently, it’s helping the players to upgrade their skills. It has also become a source of amusement for the members.

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