Sly Cooper on PS5 Rumors; PlayStation Showcase Happening Soon?

Perhaps a PlayStation Showcase with some exciting announcements is on the cards for Sony soon. Furthermore, a well-known PlayStation leaker is certain in his assertions that this event will surely take place. Rumors of Sly Cooper’s PS5 debut are also spreading like wildfire.. again.

According to recent remarks from AccountNGT, a well-known leaker, Sony’s plan would be far from over during this busy season, which includes the launch of Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. Some of them will have brand-new events later this month. He believes that this year will be fruitful for the Japanese company and expects several surprises.

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Square-next Enix’s action-RPG Forspoken, which was scheduled to be released for PS5 and PC in May, may have been postponed. As for possible surprises, Account NGT confirmed rumors that were still adamant a few months ago.

Sly Cooper on PS5?

The source did, in fact, assert in a second tweet that the new Infamous and Sly Cooper games are also in production. In September 2021, some were discussing this very actively at the PlayStation Showcase, and they were extending the notion of formalizations at the moment.

Could it be that if there is a PlayStation Showcase in March 2022, this time it will be the ideal timing? We expect to get the answer to this question soon. The new teaser for Hogwarts Legacy would also allegedly be launched. To be safe, we’re going to go ahead and put large grains of salt on these tweets. 😅

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