Smite Rivals feels like a Clash Royale rip-off: Speculation

Smite Rivals

Generalized with honesty

Smite Rivals is Hi-Rez‘s new game, and an addition to the Smite Universe. Upon seeing Smite Rivals for the first time, I genuinely felt that it is a rip-off of Supercell’s Clash Royale. I mean, you have an extra lane in Smite Rivals, just to make players feel it is original but that’s it. Better play Clash Royale than a cheap copy of the same.

Disclaimer: The following article is purely a speculation and my personal opinion. If any part of the article offends you in any manner, you can leave.

As usual, I was super-bored, had my gigantic head resting on my left palm and with my right hand was scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed. After couple of sarcasm posts and some cute cat gifs, I found a friend of mine who posted about Smite Rivals. Before clicking on the link I observed the image carefully and it surely felt like  a mobile game. I clicked the link. It took me to the official website of Smite Rivals. I scrolled a bit, found a video placed in an iPad container, clicked on it and the video started playing. The video was going fine until the gameplay was revealed. Being a regular Clash Royale player and enthusiast, I noticed many similarities. The view of the game, the lanes, the card-dropping mechanism, the elixir bar (Mana in Smite Rivals) and even the timer.

Smite Rivals

Everything felt same, except for the graphics that felt really downgraded. However, the developers and professional Smite player BaRRaCCuDDa seemed to have liked the graphics. To me, it felt like those “wanna be Clash of Clans”  clones, somehow trying to fit elements in the screen.

Smite Rivals
BaRRaCCuDDa enjoying Smite Rivals

So what’s unique then?

Gods. Instead of general troops, Smite Rivals will feature Gods from the Smite Universe. And based on what I observed, you can use spells and place buildings, just the way in Clash Royale. It’s going to be fun to have a slightly soft-MOBA experience for a mobile device though.Smite Rivals

Oh yeah, also it’s free like any other Hi-Rez game. I really like Hi-Rez because all of their games are free and fun to play. I hope Smite Rivals, the adorable version of Smite’s not going to disappoint players as well.

The milestones

Every time a person registers for their chance to be the first to try out Smite Rivals, 10 mana gets added to the Global Mana Pool. The bigger the Global Mana Pool is, the bigger the Milestone Rewards are. Currently the Global Mana Pool is over 610,000 unlocking the 5th milestone reward. This is the best part of being an early access player. Check out the complete list of milestone rewards below –

Acheive Wealth 10,000 Mana – All players will receive FREE Gems and Gold every day for one week. – Unlocked!

Discover the Manticore 30,000 ManaAll players will receive the Epic Manticore card for FREE.Unlocked!

Enter the Colosseum 110,000 Mana – All players will receive five FREE entry tickets for Colosseum mode.Unlocked!

Unlock Instant Loot 290,000 Mana – Timers will be removed from all Chests for a single day. Unlocked!

Earn Bonus Smite Achievements 610,000 Mana – Adds new achievements that will grant players even more rewards in both SMITE Rivals and SMITE – including a new high-tier SMITE skin! Unlocked!

Become #Blessed 1,100,000 Mana – All players will receive a blessing for one week that improves loot earned from Chests.

Uncover the Haunted Forest 2,000,000 Mana – If you play an opponent of the same account level in Battlegrounds mode, you have a chance to battle in a secret level for greater rewards. *Smite Rivals

What more I’ve learned

  • The game is hundred percent a card pick and drop game and that you’ll need to create a battle deck to participate in multiplayer battles.
  • We’ll have the same chest unlocking mechanism with timers.
  • There will be different rarities for different cards. (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • There will be more modes in the game apart from the general mode. Like the Colosseum Mode and the Battlegrounds Mode.
  • There will be a Blessing mechanism that will work as boost for Chests and Treasures.
  • Smite Rivals is going to be part of 2017’s esports.
  • Cards will have levels.
  • There are 9 Gods – Thor, Agni, Khepri, Kukulkan, Hades, Neith, Loki, Bellona and Sun Wukong.
  • There are 23 Minions.
  • There are 12 Spells, some of which are – Curse, Revive, Thunder, Meteor and Haste.
  • There are certain amount of Buildings like – Totem, Overseer, Fountain and Shrine.
  • The game will come out for Mobile, iPad and Tablets and PC as well.

Smite Rivals

The official Smite Rivals page is not complete according to my speculation and we’re still unaware of many things like the account system, if we’ll have clans or teams, etc. Also the game is still in pre-alpha and the art is not final. So, maybe we can expect better graphics when the game is finally out. Once again, if you’re a Smite fan and you felt I’m wrong and that this article is pointless, I’m sorry for wasting your valuable time. But if you agree with what I mentioned above, you’re the real man!

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