A few famous personalities often let their controversies overshadow what they do for a living. NFL receiver Antonio Brown is definitely one of them. Despite being considered as one of the best receivers of the 2010s, Brown’s track record outside the field is problematic. Antonio Brown’s latest controversy involves him posting a sexually explicit image on Snapchat for which the platform banned him. Read to know more.

Snapchat account banned

It all started when Antonio Brown posted an explicit image of a woman engaging in oral sex with him on Snapchat. The woman in the picture is Chelsie Kyriss, Brown’s ex-partner and the mother of his children.

Antonio Brown NFL
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  • Snapchat authorities were quick to suspend Antonio Brown’s account as the platform’s guidelines prohibit pornographic content as well as harassment and bullying.
  • Since the couple are not together anymore, it is assumed that the leaked Snapchat picture was an old one resurfaced by Antonio Brown. However, he has tweeted that his Snapchat account was actually hacked.

  • But this is not the first time that Antonio Brown has posted explicit content on his Snapchat account. Last year, he posted a photoshopped nude of Tom Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen

Reactions to scandal

Chelsie Kyriss posted a long statement message on her Instagram story. She acknowledged the issue and stated that she cannot be in control of his actions.

Antonio Brown Snapchat controversy
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  • Kyriss claims that she has asked Brown to keep this part of their relationship private multiple times and yet he refuses to do so.
  • Antonio Brown’s Snapchat scandal has received backlash on social media as it condones revenge porn from a renowned sports person.

  • Snapchat’s public content restrictions are not as solid as other platforms like Instagram. People are furious that Antonio Brown has potentially exposed himself to underage Snapchat users.

Antonio Brown’s controversies

Around the time of his exit from the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise, Antonio Brown’s life began to go down the drain with one controversy after another. 

  • Earlier last month, police issued an arrest warrant for Brown after he threw a shoe at a woman. 

  • There have been instances from last year alone where he has exposed himself to women without consent. He has also been accused of sexual abuse and misconduct by multiple women. 
  • Furthermore, Antonio Brown has a string of assault, battery and even burglary felonies against him. 
  • Antonio Brown’s NFL career is at a standstill after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers let him go from their roster. This came after he took his shirt and gloves off and jogged off the field during a game.

Brown’s fall from grace has been so hard that fans wonder why he is not in jail yet. In fact, he has actually received probation and did community service as a result. The latest Snapchat controversy involving the mother of his children is a new low even for Antonio Brown’s standards.

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