Some people might be concerned about the future of FaZe Clan given Snoop Dogg’s departure from the board of directors. This collaboration is not likely to be the last time Snoop Dogg’s influence in gaming is felt. Financial issues have been plaguing a number of eSports organizations generally. The Guard has even considered selling off the Los Angeles Gladiators and the LA Guerillas. FaZe Clan’s own future is questionable because of various issues of its own. In this article, we’ll look into potential explanations behind Snoop Dogg’s resignation from the FaZe Clan board of directors.

Snoop Dogg bids farewell to FaZe Clan

Snoop Dogg’s unexpected departure from the FaZe Clan board of directors has been announced. The information was released one year after the renowned entertainer ignited fans’ interest by announcing that he will be entering the eSports community.

Snoop Dogg announced his resignation from the FaZe Clan, effective immediately as of March 29, in a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, according to FaZe Holdings Inc. Snoop Dogg and FaZe haven’t given any details about why he left. Nonetheless, others have believed that it might be related to FaZe Clan’s present financial difficulties.

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Why did Snoop Dogg leave FaZe Clan?

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to gaming. Fans have enjoyed watching Snoop Dogg’s Twitch streaming because they often feature humorous moments that get shared on social media.  And as we all know, Snoop Dogg is a successful businessman. And if your investment is not growing in business, you would likely act similarly to Snoop Dogg. Here are some likely explanations for Snoop Dogg’s resignation from the FaZe Clan board of directors:

  • The risk of FaZe Holdings being delisted from the Nasdaq exchange is something that the eSports scene is dealing with.
  • FaZe Holdings Inc.’s stock price was doing well in August 2022, reaching a high of nearly $20 per share. The stock has collapsed and is now only worth around $0.52 per share.

The most likely explanation for Snoop Dogg’s resignation is the stock price collapse of FaZe Holdings since the company’s launch.

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