Son Seok Gu finally appears in K-drama Big Bet- What happens next?

Son Seok Gu K-drama Disney+ Big Bet Choi Min Sik

Son Seok-gu finally makes his appearance in Disney+ K-drama Big Bet alongside Choi Min Sik. What will his presence bring to the ongoing lackluster K-drama?

Son Seok-gu in Disney+ K-drama Big Bet

Big Bet K-drama, also known as Casino, is proving its box office success. Within the release of 5 episodes, It has already achieved the highest score among all global Korean original series. It has recorded an IMDb rating of 8.5, which is the same as Netflix’s popular show ‘Move to Heaven’. This puts the drama among famous OTT original K-dramas such as ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Kingdom’.

  • Unfortunately, the grandiose of K-drama did not last long even with the immersive acting of Korea’s representative actors and the intricate narrative. Its captivating aura faded away with each episode and the drama soon disappeared from the top rankings.
  • The fourth episode was the latest release. In the episode, Korean police are dispatched to the Philippines for investigating a criminal case against Koreans. Officer Oh Seung-hoon, played by Son Seok-gu, finally appears foreshadowing a huge incident surrounding the casino. A confrontation with lead Cha Moo-sik (played by Choi Min-Sik) seems inevitable and his appearance alone is evoking interest among subscribers.

More about Big Bet

The series revolves around a legendary figure in the Philippines’ casino world. Cha Moo-sik, who was born to a thug father grows up in poverty. All he owns is his innate economic sense for making money. Therefore, he enters into the business of illegal gambling as he reaches adulthood. While working at the gambling house he is accused of tax evasion and has to find shelter in the Philippines. There as well he takes over the local casino market with his unique sense.

  • The first season premiered on December 21, 2022, on Disney+ in selected countries and on Hulu in the United States consisting of 08 episodes. The series is currently ongoing with the release of new episodes every Wednesday at 5 pm.
  • It will be interesting to see how Son Seok-gu’s charismatic presence affects the slow downfall of this K-drama. Although, the makers must have strong faith as they have already announced its second season for 2023. This must evoke lots of pressure on the actor after giving last year’s one of biggest hits My Liberation Notes.
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Late blooming of Son Seok-gu’s fame

The mesmerizing actor was already an underrated favorite of Korean drama mongers. However, it wasn’t until last year’s My Liberation Notes that he received his due appreciation.

  • According to the Korea Herald fans loved him so much in the series that after the drama ended, they went searching for his previous works to see more of him. Likewise, news agencies are digging into his little-known past to feed new arisen curiosity.
  • His acting possesses a natural addiction as he charms his viewers with subtly overpowering charisma. Even when one watches his acting shifting from various roles, there remains a certain constant sex appeal. He attracts the viewers to the story with an intriguing face and relaxed tone of voice. When these two are brought together, they create an impactful aura around him.

  • Two of his most powerful performances that showcase his abilities include his cameo appearance in Melo Is My Nature and his supporting role in the Korean remake of Designated Survivor. Even with the short amount of screen time, the actor becomes the pulse of the drama and remains unforgettable.
  • Some of his other notable work includes DP, romantic-comedy Matrimonial Chaos, and Mother, which marks his first role as an antagonist.
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It shall be interesting to see what Disney+ K-drama Big Bet adds to the filmography of the actor. Which of his role is your favorite, let us know in the comments, and follow Spiel Times for the more latest news about entertainment, gaming, and sports.


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