Sonic Colors

One of the highest rated Sonic games of all time, Sonic Colors, might be due for a PC release. Steam has an upcoming sale for Sonic The Hedgehog games, the advertisement image of which, has a tint of Sonic Colors in it.

Twitter user Tracker_TD took a screenshot of the advertisement which has an image of Sonic Colors. It has led many to believe that the popular Wii title might see a PC port. However, it might as well be a designing fault.

The designer(s) might have searched for Sonic images, an image of Sonic Colors popped up and they decided on using it. On the other hand, the advertisement could be referring to a PC Port.

It’s interesting to notice that the Sonic Colors image is accompanied by images of Sonic Mania, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed and Sonic Generations, which are all available for purchase on Steam.

There’s no official statement from Sega on this matter and we’ve contacted them regarding the same. As soon as we receive a response, we’ll update.

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