Sonic Frontiers All Leaked Content we know so far - Cover Picture

There are only a few months left before Sonic Frontiers becomes available across all major consoles and we have new leaked content about the game. In the latest leak, never-before-seen footage of the game shows one of the iconic characters from the Sonic series with its own mini-game.

Big the Cat is making his comeback once Sonic Frontiers releases as the footage shows him hosting a fishing mini-game in the upcoming open-world Sonic game. Other leaked footage includes Sonic saving Amy, but Big the Cat’s appearance is definitely top news for us.

Big the Cat is the star of the latest leaked content in Sonic Frontiers

For those unfamiliar with who Big the Cat is, his first appearance in a Sonic game was back in 1999. In Sonic Adventure, this was where players first encountered Big the Cat.

Sonic Frontiers All Leaked Content we know so far - Big the Cat
Image Courtesy of SEGA
  • Players who had the chance to play through this game on Dreamcast absolutely fell in love with Big the Cat’s story campaign. Although you’d have second thoughts about playing as Sonic’s slow friend, his campaign didn’t disappoint Sonic fans.
  • Another detail that has Sonic fans excited for Big the Cat’s return to Sonic Frontiers is that the devs decided to stick by his origins. Check out the video below. Big the Cat’s fishing mini-game is near the 1:08 mark.

  • The mini-game showcased in the leaked footage from Sonic Frontiers shows Big the Cat holding a fishing pole. One of the highlights of playing Big the Cat’s character is fishing.
  • According to a hands-on report from Game Informer, the fishing mini-game in Sonic Frontiers gives players tokens in exchange for fish.
  • Players use these tokens to buy items from Big the Cat. Items like Vault Keys, Amy’s heart collectible, or even Portal Gear fragments are obtainable through fishing in Sonic Frontiers.

Leaked footage of Sonic saving Amy has fans coming up with theories

Other footage which came from players who tested Sonic Frontiers at Gamescom shows Sonic rescuing Amy. Although this should be good news for fans of the game series, fans are wondering if other Sonic characters like Amy can be playable.

Sonic Frontiers All Leaked Content we know so far - Sonic
Image Courtesy of SEGA
  • The scene with Sonic rescuing Amy reportedly happens after you begin the game. Most of the game may revolve around Sonic needing to free his friends who are trapped the same way Amy was.
  • The speculations about Sonic’s pals not being playable comes from the dialogue exchanged between him and Amy. After Sonic successfully frees Amy, she becomes concerned about the energy that went into him.

From what we saw in the leaked footage, it seems Sonic is drawing power from the friends he saves. This lessens their chances of being playable in Sonic Frontiers which is an absolute let-down for fans eagerly waiting for the game’s release.

Sonic then assures Amy he’s fine and tells her it gave him “some kind of boost”. Other open-world games like The Legend of Zelda have players collect Spirit Orbs and trade them in for more stamina.

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Those are all the leaked content about Sonic Frontiers so far. Sega is preparing to release the newest open-world Sonic game on the PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

It’s slated for a November 8 release date this year. From fan reactions so far, Sonic Frontiers may be one of this year’s hottest releases as this is the first open-world Sonic game.

If you have other questions about Sonic Frontiers, feel free to share them in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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