A new adventure awaits Sonic the Hedgehog in the new upcoming game. The story trailer for Sonic Frontiers has come out. Sonic appears to be in an ancient Starfall Islands, where he must search for the Chaos emeralds. However, his adventure would not be easy since there is a mysterious character who came in along with many robotic enemies.

This game not only sets the players to go run on open-zone heights with Sonic. But they must also unveil the mysteries on the ancient island and defeat the enemies. As this is also to survive the place and complete every mission along the way.

Moreover, players may wonder if other characters are coming in this game too. As it was also shown in the trailer another character that Sonic may know. So we are going to show you the possible characters and other details you didn’t notice from the story trailer.

The possible characters and other details in the upcoming Sonic Frontiers 

The possible characters
Amy Rose
  • It was seen on the trailer a certain character who is abducted by the enemies. At first glance, it certainly looks like Amy Rose. But when Sonic came forward to it, he said “Amy, is that you?”
  • Amy Rose is part of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. In addition, she has an immense crush on Sonic. So there’s a high chance that she was the character shown and Sonic is going to rescue her.
Image Courtesy of Sonic Frontiers

The mysterious foe
  • There was a mysterious character who appears to be a foe in the game. The character is said to be Sage. It also looks like she is the one in control of the robot enemies going against Sonic.
  • She might also be the one who held Amy Rose hostage. Moreover, she may also play a big role in the story too. So we are yet to know about this character in the game soon.
Image Courtesy of Sonic Frontiers

Knuckles the Echidna, and other characters
  • Knuckles wasn’t on the trailer but it would still be possible for him to be on the game. As he is also part of the main character of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • It would be great to see him, Miles Prower, Shadow, and the other characters in the game. However, there are no other announcements of which characters are appearing. So as of now, Sonic is the only main character confirmed in the game.
Image Courtesy of Fanpop / Pinterest

The breakdown of other details in the story trailer
Inhabitants in the ancient island
  • This little coconut-like creature in the story trailer seems to be an inhabitant of the ancient island. In the beginning, Sage tried to kill this little creature and then got rescued by Sonic.
  • Assumingly, this creature could be one of the targets by Sage and her robot army. We wonder what could be the reason. But there is no other information about it yet and we might see more inhabitants on the ancient island.
Image Courtesy of Sonic Frontiers

A possible weakness of Sonic
  • In a particular scene in the trailer where Sonic’s right arm got a red thing. It looks like it got hurt Sonic and made him stumble for a while. This red thing that got to Sonic is perhaps because Sage is stopping him.
  • Sage could use this as an advantage against Sonic. Since it can make him weak during battles. Moreover, we are going to see how Sonic is going to manage it. There could be a way how he can stop it.
Image Courtesy of Sonic Frontiers

There is a new open zone
  • The version of this game introduces 5 different open zone places as per Sonic Frontiers. This is what players are going to experience. These open zones go from forests, deserts, waterfalls, and more to discover.
  • In each place has its challenges and secrets for the players to discover along the way.

Cyber space levels
  • There is a cyber space level in this game. We saw a glimpse of Green Hill Zone, the Sky Sanctuary, and more. As it only gave us a glimpse of these cyberspace levels, we may still have more to come.
  • It would be great to see more cyber space levels from this game. Since it is remastering the classic levels from the previous Sonic generations in the past years.
  • More about the cyber space levels is that it can help test your skills. As it also has challenges for you to try and play with.
Image Courtesy of Sonic Frontiers

More about Sonic Frontiers
  • The release date for this game is on November 8, 2022. Pre-order for this game has also begun and there are two editions to choose from. The fans can choose between the digital standard and digital deluxe edition.
  • This game going to be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on PC. Go pre-order the game here and you going to get The Adventurer’s Treasure Box.
  • Lastly, you may watch the story trailer below if you haven’t.

Looking at this game is certainly promising especially for the fans of Sonic. So make sure to follow their official social media accounts to know the latest updates about the game. Then the only thing we can do is wait for this game to come out this November.

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