Sonic The Hedgehog series among other Sega IPs has crossed 800 million in total unit sales, which includes Pachislot and Pachinko Machines, amusement machine sales, packed games, digital games and smartphone games.

The report comes from Sega Sammy’s (the holding company of Sega and Sammy created by their merger in 2004) annual reports for the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18). Sonic is followed by the Puyo Puyo Series with over 27 million units sold.

In FY2018, Sonic series sold over 800 million units in comparison to FY2017, when the sales were at around 360 million units. This shows a drastic leap in sales of around 440 million units.

Sega Sammy FY2017 Report

Sega Sammy FY2018 Report

Among other IPs, the Chain Chronicle and Megami Tensei series have performed exceptionally well. The Chain Chronicle series saw a rise of 5 million in units sold, from 10 million units sold in FY2017 to 15 million units sold in FY2018. Megami Tensei, on the other hand, has climbed from 7.2 million units sold in FY2017 to 12.4 million units sold in FY2018, which is an increase of 5.2 million units.

The Persona series and the Puyo Puyo series had decent sales performance as well.

“Sonic is perhaps the SEGA Group’s most widely recognized IP”, the financial report describes. “Released in August 2017, Sonic Mania has become a major hit with over one million downloads worldwide. This game title is a tribute to the original Sonic titles that hails back to the Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) game console era, including Sonic the Hedgehog which was the first title of series released in 1991. While staying true to the worldviews of the original version, this game title is loaded with new elements that have won over many gamers, especially people overseas who have long been fans of Sonic since the time Sonic was a 2D graphic. Over the past few years, sales of packaged games in the overseas market have tended to be strongly influenced by ratings published on game review websites. On Metacritic, one of these review websites for games, movies and music, Sonic Mania has received very positive reviews.”

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