Sonic – The Most Popular Video Game Character, Study Shows

The popularity rankings of video game characters are always contentious and spark heated debate. Naturally, we all have favorite characters that have left an indelible impact on our life at some point. However, that does not imply that there are “figures” in this vast universe of video games who are more important or popular.

Specifically, today we offer you a Techtalk study (which you can view by CLICKING HERE) in which they studied internet search traffic, Instagram posts, and other factors to determine the most popular video game character on the internet.

  • As a result, Sonic, the well-known blue hedgehog, is the most popular of all, with 6.7 million monthly searches.
  • Followed by Pikachu with 3.7 million searches (despite being the leader in network publishing), then Pac-Man with 3 million searches.

Top 15 Most Popular Characters

And where is Mario? Well, the legendary Nintendo mascot is in fourth place in this ranking with 2.1 million monthly searches, and Big Boss, the character developed by Hideo Kojima, is in fifth place with 712,500 monthly searches. Here’s a list of the top 15:

1ST: Sonic 6TH: Luigi 11TH: Donkey Kong
2ND: Pikachu 7TH: Lara Croft 12TH: Chun-Li
3RD: Pac-Man 8TH: Kratos 13TH: Bowser
4TH: Mario 9TH: Yoshi 14TH: Cortana
5TH: Big Boss 10TH: Devil 15TH: Sephiroth

Top 15 Popular Superhero Characters

This research also includes ranks superstars from the superhero genre, which is so strongly linked to video games. In this example, the first person categorized is a villain named Joker, followed by Spider-Man and Black Panther.

1ST: Joker 6TH: Batman 11TH: Superman
2ND: Spider-Man 7TH: Harley Quinn 12TH: Captain America
3RD: Black Panther 8TH: Thor 13TH: Wolverine
4TH: Wonder Woman 9TH: Deadpool 14TH: Black Widow
5TH: Iron Man 10TH: Aquaman 15TH: The Flash

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