In anticipation of the new PS Plus, it appears that the brand does not accept prepaid cards to stack months of membership, blocking PS Plus or PS Now subscriptions from being converted into Premium subscriptions.

The new PlayStation Plus, which will be launched on June 22/23, will integrate Sony’s PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services. There will be three subscription tiers, each with a higher price tag and a greater set of benefits. Those who have both PS Plus and PS Now memberships will have their subscriptions upgraded to PS Plus Premium (taking into consideration the term with the longest duration).

Conversion Program

  • Some customers reported that they cannot redeem prepaid card codes to prolong active subscriptions for some customers. Many expressed that this prevents them from taking advantage of the conversion program.
  • Sony has yet to publicly address this adjustment. However, their customer support has apparently claimed that the situation would remain such till the new PlayStation Plus comes.

Someone on the ResetEra forum reports that they have been unsuccessful in redeeming PlayStation Plus codes on an account whose subscription expires next month, but they have been successful on an account that is currently not subscribed.

Numerous customers have taken to forums and Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the PS Plus and PlayStation Now cards; the latter of which began to disappear from retailers in January. Push Square has also uploaded an email from PlayStation Support allegedly verifying this:

“I have checked the voucher and your account and can conclude that as of now there is a temporarily deactivated function for PS Plus/PS Now subscriptions which does not allow for stacking of either membership on already active memberships.
This is only temporary and as soon as we have more information about we will let our players know, for more information regarding news for the new launch of our service please check out our blog.”
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