PS5 VR Incoming

“The Next Generation of VR”

Hideaki Nishino of PlayStation has published a blog update, announcing the VR headset of the future. 

PlayStation first entered the VR market in 2016. The headset worked in tandem with the PS Move controllers as well as the PS camera. It used a 1080p screen with 3D audio, and had a limited but decent supply of games.

The Most Futuristic Headset Yet

Nishino hints that the next headset will be a more streamlined experience. A “single cord” and “simplified setup” will be a part of the accessibility-focused marketing. The blog even states that there will be an “enhanced resolution,” hinting at the possibility of 1440p or even 2k resolution. This would be a record-breaking resolution for VR headsets.

The Sony patented 3D audio technology, paired with the gyro features of the DualSense are a part of the ecosystem that will be in play for PS5 VR. Nishino says be excited for upcoming games After The Fall, Sniper Elite VR, and Humanity, on PlayStation 4 and 5.

The VR Market has become increasingly competitive

Competition Breeds Innovation

Valve released Half Life Alyx to rave reviews, and it is the current killer VR app. If Sony takes VR seriously as a legitimate component to the PlayStation 5, this console generation might be a game changer. Post-1080p, 60+ FPS, raytraced VR games will allow the most immersive experiences in gaming history.

Can VR move from a gimmick to a gaming staple?

The Nintendo LABO, a primitive cardboard VR gimmick, features itself in first party Nintendo titles such as Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of The Wild. Interestingly, Sony has copied Nintendo before. After all, the first PlayStation was originally a Nintendo peripheral. We might get the privilege of swinging through Manhattan or slaying demons in a bulky headset. More details will be shared later this year.

As the PlayStation commercials always say: Greatness Awaits.