PS Vita is an almost a decade-old portable console, but Sony has still kept it operational and trendy because of its undying fandom. Earlier, Sony had planned to close the PS Vita store on August 27, 2021, but the decision had to be revoked after a widespread outcry from fans. Today, PS Vita received its last batch of game releases as Sony ends new game submissions for it.

The Final Submissions

A total of six games were targeted to be released to the store today and Sony will probably continue to operate them on PS Vita for the foreseeable future. The games added to PS Vita Store are as follows:

Russian Subway Dogs Ultra Mission Brotherhood United
Killer Dolls United Witchcrafty Mind Maze

More About them

Russian Subway Dogs
  • An arcade game based on deserted dogs found in Moscow’s subway system. It was first launched on the PC in 2018 and will soon be available on the PS4. Players take control of numerous dogs as they fight their way through the metro in Russian Subway Dogs.
Ultra Mission
  • A top-down shooter game that takes inspiration from old arcade classics like Robotron: 2084. The game features a nice $2.99 price point and infinite gameplay loop that might make it a good game to just sit down and unwind with. That said, it’s not very heavy or impressive in terms of graphics but it would make it for a decent play.

Brotherhood United, Killer Dolls United, Witchcrafty, and Mind Maze

  • All are currently available on the EU PSN, and may not be available in other regions. These six games will be the final new games to be added on PS Vita, but Sony will continue to run their PS Vita store, especially since fans rioted when Sony announced its closure earlier.

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