We still don’t know if Sony would actually host a PS5 presentation on June 4, but if Jason Schreier is to be believed, we’re hearing more about the next-gen games for sure. Sony actually had presentation plans for earlier and throughout the year, but executives denied it because they want these presentations to be held in a very professional manner.

Yesterday, during Kinda Funny Games Daily Discussion, Alanah Pearce shared some interesting insights into PlayStation 5’s presentations and events. Sony’s higher executives didn’t want to do home-based live streams. Instead, they wanted to show off the next-generation console and games in a highly professional manner, with a dedicated crew.

Here’s what Alanah said –

“Sony has tried to do presentations already this year and I know this from developers who were supposed to be a part of those presentations but didn’t because, for some reason, somewhere in the Sony hierarchy they were very obsessed with the idea of having a very very very professional stream rather than something previously recorded. So, they weren’t willing to do anything outside of a massive studio with a crew of like 25 to 30 people, which, for those devs who were planning to have their games revealed at those certain streams was very frustrating because they were like, I don’t understand why we can’t just send you the footage.

But PlayStation just wasn’t having the home quality stuff, they were refusing to do it.

So, I feel like maybe this is actually going to be huge. It’s the one thing that I’m kind of thinking is that I know that they will have reveals that have been planned that have been put off because Sony didn’t want to do them. So, we might actually see a lot of games.”

Either way, we can’t wait for June 4. If the event’s for real, we can expect an announcement this Friday, i.e., tomorrow, May 29. Let’s see what PlayStation has in store for us.

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