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Elden Ring’s creator FromSoftware has been ‘rumored’ to be acquired by a big corporation Sony PlayStation. This is according to a tweet that has been circulating for a few hours now. Joe Miller twitted the breaking news that PlayStation has already “acquired” souls developer FromSoftware internally and would be revealing it within the next few hours, if not days.

April Fool‚Äôs ūü•≥


Casual gamers find the Souls series to be a difficult game. And FromSoftware is famous for developing games with concepts that are similar to reality. These games will turn any casual gamer into a pro since they need excellent timing to evade and attack. Unlike other games where you’d prefer just hit the buttons on the controller, this one requires a little more thought. It’s quite addictive, especially for those who want to complete the games because you’ll improve your skills as you move through these souls-borne games.

After releasing Elden Ring which is a game of the year contender, FromSoftware, a Japanese developer, caused a commotion in the gaming world. There’s no doubt that many large corporations would like to collaborate with FromSoftware because it’s evident that they have the ability to create yet another insane game in the near future. And Sony is one of these companies.

PlayStation has been having trouble launching its console due to a scarcity of key components or parts needed to make a PS5. Consumers, on the other hand, are unaffected even though it is always sold out. Sony clearly has a large market, and partnering with Sony would be an honor for me if I were FromSoftware. Other well-known developers that have already been acquired by Sony include Square Enix (18.6%-Stake), which is best known for its Final Fantasy series. And Naughty Dog’s Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and Last of Us series.


Bungie, the devs of the legendary games Halo and Destiny, is the latest acquisition of Sony for a whopping $3,600,000,000! It’s a tremendous offer, and Bungie couldn’t turn it down. I believe the offer to FromSoftware would be in that area, if not greater, due to the ever-growing community of Elden Ring and possibly its next series and expansions.

If this claim is true, Sony fans would be ecstatic, since a potential Naughty Dog-Square Enix-FromSoftware-Bungie game collaboration would be wonderful. LOL! Consider what kind of game they’d make.

Sony PS-Exclusive Games

Another reason I believe Sony wants FromSoftware is the leverage it would provide them to make future games exclusive to the PlayStation. Which persuades customers to purchase Sony consoles just for the purpose of playing the game.

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