Sony Is “Happy” With Kena: Bridge of Spirits, According To Devs

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was released in September 2021 for the PS 5 and PS 4, and the PC platform. Ember Lab’s first video game venture was supported by Sony throughout its production and release. Now, a month after the release of the fantasy action title, both Ember Lab and Sony seem satisfied with the release.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was planned to be revealed along with the reveal of the PS 5 console. However, the COVID-19 scenario caused a turn of events, and the title was announced digitally. Mike and Josh Grier, the brothers behind the title, recently spoke to Bloomberg. They stated that while they had expected to do the reveal in New York, which would have been really good publicity for the first game from Ember Lab, they were not disheartened with the online mode.

Kena became popular in the online reveal and saw a lot of interest. With other titles having been pushed back due to delays and the COVID scenario, Kena was taken up by Sony as a big release, with a lot of effort going into marketing. Sony played its part, providing development kits for the PS 5 and the necessary funding.

While the brothers did not quote the exact number of copies sold, they have recovered initial costs that went into the game and are said to have been pleasantly surprised in regard to how sales have been doing.

 “It’s hard to tell what’s a huge success. Sony’s happy.”
– Josh Grier, Co-Founder of Ember Lab

Josh and Mike Grier, Co-Founders of Ember Lab

From being a small-time animation service house, the brothers’ decision to shift to game development can be said to be a success. Ember Lab is now a full-time game developer and is “not going back to commercials,” as Josh Grier said. Ember Lab has also stated that they will be looking into the release of Kena on other platforms, which will increase their reach. Alongside, they are also planning on additional content and features for their first game.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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