Sony Is Hiring For The “Next Chapter Of Cinematic Storytelling”

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An unannounced “chapter of cinematic storytelling” is in works at Sony’s San Diego studios, revealed new job listings. A listing for a Lead Character Artist was posted last month, that suggests a new cinematic game is in the making.

“We are looking for a highly talented, motivated and creative Lead Character Artist for the next chapter of cinematic story-telling”, the description says. The artist will “be a part of the multi-award winning team responsible for the cinematic performances in premier Sony PlayStation franchises like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone, and other iconic series.”

Another listing suggests Sony is hiring a Senior Gameplay Animator for high-quality 3rd-person Action/Adventure games. The studio will work in collaboration with Visual Arts Service Group (VASG),  the same team responsible for the brilliance of games like Uncharted 4, Death Stranding, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, Knack and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The description further confirms that the project is in works at one of Sony’s major development studios. Although the project hasn’t been announced, Sony confirms they have a clear vision and plan to release the game. When? That’s not certain. How Long? That, we’ll update once we have some solid information.

Additionally, Santa Monica Studios has started working on their next project and is currently looking for a Senior Narrative Animator “to help [them] push the boundaries of interactive storytelling and set the bar for narrative creativity on the PS4.” The listing seems of high importance as it was promoted on LinkedIn at the time of publishing.

If any information related to the unannounced project emerges, we’ll let you know. Allow the push-notifications and you’ll receive an update whenever there’s some new development on the story. Until next time, Happy Gaming!

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