Monster Hunter: World

Sony is sending out codes for a brand new Monster Hunter: World theme pack featuring “two fearsome foes as well as adorable avatars of the Handler, a Palico and a Grimalkyne”.

Here, take a look –

Monster Hunter: World
Thanks, Musubi!

Have a look at the themes and the avatars for yourself –

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

There’s also a possibility that Capcom might announce G Rank in The Game Awards 2018 later this week. For those unaware of what G Rank is, here’s a great explanation from Reddit user KritiCow.

Usually, Capcom releases a “base” game with Low Ranks and High Ranks like the current MHW or previous MHGen and then an “Ultimate” version (MHGen -> MHXX) that adds a variety of both returning and new monsters, mechanics and weapon changes, etc as well as G Rank.

G Rank is the highest tier of difficulty. The monsters hit harder, have higher HP, larger sizes, and especially important is added moves, a combination of moves, and frequency. Like the monster has less delay between attacks and they get a new variation of attack combos (that has a real chance of carting you in one go or at least half – 2/3 of your full HP).

And there is the possibility Capcom could sell the G Rank as a DLC expansion instead of a completely new game since PS4/Xbox One infrastructure can handle large-scale updates and DLC, unlike 3DS.

Monster Hunter: World crossed over 10 million sales in August and the community’s getting stronger every passing day.

Thanks, Bakercat for the images!

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  1. Ok so why did you make this article, then proceed to not post the 12 digit code. Everyone who sees this page gets nothing out of it because you forgot to include the code along with the article. Do you see the problem here?


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