Sony PlayStation 5 CFI-1202; All we know so far + Where to buy?

Sony PlayStation5 CFI-1202, all we know, where to buy

PlayStation peeps, we got some things that came up. Recently, we talked about the newest Sony PlayStation5 1200 model, and now we’re here again to discuss Sony PlayStation5 CFI-1202. Here’s all we know so far about the latest revision model, so watch out. An update regarding its new chip and power consumption has been confirmed, and if you want to know more about these, then stay with us.

Sony PlayStation5 CFI-1202

So we have about two changes mentioned above: graphics chip and power consumption. Firstly, the graphics chip’s replaced, and we aren’t joking about these changes as this is confirmed via Angstromomics.

The new graphics chip

  • The model number CFI-1202 had its graphics chip changed to 6nm (TSMC N6), also known as Oberon Plus.
  • This new chip replaced the older 7nm graphics chip of the original Sony PlayStation 5. Here’s a side-by-side comparison from Angstromomics of the two graphics chip, respectively.
Sony PlayStation5 CFI-1202 graphics chip
Image Courtesy of Angstronomics
  • Additionally, they have mentioned that the smaller chip may have been utilized, but rest assured that the functioning and performance remain similar.
  • For a more detailed review, you may head to Angstronomics’ official website to learn more about these changes, as they wrote a full report on this one.

These console refreshes are the modern-day equivalent of what used to happen decades ago in the microprocessor industry, where existing designs would be ported to a new, more efficient process node with minimal rework. -Angstronomics

The CFI-1202 model power consumption

  • The latest revision, CFI-1202 had a teardown video from YouTube Austins Evans a few weeks ago that presented its smaller and lighter model.
  • This latest revision also was tested and proven for lower power consumption than the original console. This means less heat generation and less complex cooling too. From this revision, we may expect a PS5 Slim, maybe soon?
Sony PlayStation5 CFI-1202 model
Image Courtesy of Angstronomics
  • The exact PlayStation5 design has not been changed, but we can expect it (as we said) to be smaller, lighter, and cooler for gamers’ best use.

Less manufacturing cost

  • Lastly, with these changes, Sony would likely lessen PS5’s manufacturing costs. I think we should be excited about this since there’s a likely chance for them to manufacture enough for the market. Also, around 12% is the expected reduction of costs for this CFI-1202 model.

  • This latest model opens a huge possibility for a lower price PlayStation 5 console. As Angstronomics mentioned, the PS5 consoles series currently holds the most produced among the current Sony consoles (PS5, XS X, and XS S). We’ll probably see the XS Series having the same graphics chip in the near future, let’s wait for that to happen.

Where to buy the CFI-1202 model?

The only left question to answer now is where to buy this CFI-1202 model. If you are one of the gamers who eyes on the coming of the Sony PlayStation5 CFI-1202, we may have to wait a bit longer for its release for a wider market.

  • Currently, Australia became the first country to have and sell the said consoles, reported around late August. Followed by Japan which started selling the CFI-1200 just this September.
Sony PlayStation5 1200 AU
Image Courtesy of Press Start
  • However, there is no possible date yet on when it will be ready for gamers all over the globe. We’ll have to wait and see for Sony.

That’s all we have, for now, players. Are you excited? Let us know!

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