If you find the $499 Sony PlayStation 5 expensive as heck, there’s more! And since you are here, we’ll give you a laugh (or nervousness) at the prices we may have found on the net. Way back in November 2020, the market welcomed PlayStation 5 with anticipation and support of gamers and fans. Hence, in a flash, the consoles left the markets and up until the present, no restocking happened.

And this made the birth of this article, as sellers and retailers may have adjusted too much for the spare PS5 on their shelves. We’ll list down the most ridiculous prices Sony PS5 got sold, so stay with us here!

5. $1300 at Game Boss in Cerritos, California

Firstly, we have this report from Reddit that a retail store in California sells the console for more than double of its price. The comment section had a good laugh with this, specifically when a hanging ‘sale’ tag sticks to the Sony PS5.

  • But what makes this more controversial? The people share how the owner of the shop leaves offensive remarks on negative reviews on his shop. A complete a-hole they say, check out the Reddit thread to read more. You should stay away from the shop, folks, let’s not tolerate overpricing here. Unless you’re desperate for the console, hmm… Anyways, no thanks for your $1300 sale!
Most ridiculous price Sony PS5
Image Courtesy of u/SuperDuperMilk via Reddit

4. A PC set + PS5 retail price

Okay, if you found the $1300 a crazy price, you may pass out after knowing about this second one. Do you know YouTuber UFD Tech? My mind was blown away as I watched his PS5 review, and knew what he traded for the console.

  • The YouTuber traded a PC set and even paid the retail price of the Sony PS5 to get a hold of the console. If he estimated it right, he paid around $2500 for the latest Sony console.
Sony PS5 UFD Tech
Screengrab Image Courtesy of UFD Tech via YouTube
  • If you’re curious, he listed down all hardware included in the PC set he traded for the PlayStation 5. Ryzen 7 3700X, Aorus X570 ITX, 16GB G.Skill TridentZ Neo 3600MHz, MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio, Cooler Master NR200 Case, and a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Cooler. Check out his video here for his review! Well, we can say it’s a good deal…, especially to the person who had his PS5 traded!

3. Truly Exquisite’s Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum

Significantly, this collection must secure a place here in our list — Truly Exquisite’s customized limited edition PS5 units. The British luxury brand released three units which retail for an estimated price of $9400, $9500, and $9600. The prices are originally in Pound currency, £8,299.00, £8,399.00, and £8,499.00, respectively.

Sony PS5 Truly Exquisite
Image Courtesy of Truly Exquisite
  • The lowest price is the 24K gold PS5, followed by the 18K rose gold, and lastly the Platinum PS5 model. Each design has 250 units and is currently sold out on the Truly Exquisite website.

2. Caviar’s PlayStation 5 Prime Gold

This Prime Gold won’t leave our list for the most ridiculous price Sony PS5 got sold. Only five were made by the Russian company, Caviar, to celebrate its newest console of Sony. A whopping 22,900,000 rubles (Russian currency!) for the unit. An estimated $316,000 (or more) retail price for this gold unit of PlayStation 5.

Sony PS5 Prime Gold
Image Courtesy of Spiel Times
  • The limited edition console design has its exterior made of 18k solid gold with engraved patterns to top its final and luxurious look. And if you think this is the most expensive on this list, nope, this is not yet it! There is something that would make this list the most expensive!
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1. Caviar’s Sony PS5 Golden Rock

And now, we’ve arrived at the most ridiculous (expensive, shall I say) price of the Sony PS5 on the Internet — the Golden Rock. Only nine units of Golden Rock were made and priced at 27,900,00 rubles. The estimated price for retail marks half a million price of $499,999.

Sony PS5 Caviar Golden Rock
Image Courtesy of Caviar Global
  • The design has embossed edges while the gold weighs about 3.8 kilograms. 750 gold and 18 carats on its exterior, build the Caviar Golden Rock design. Oh, you must check out the controller as well as it is made of crocodile leather.

That’s all we have, gamers!

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