BJs Wholesale PlayStation 5 PS5

BJ’s recently announced that they’ll be putting up PS5 units for sale starting 11/20 midnight (EST probably). This could be the perfect opportunity for everyone who hasn’t been able to secure a PS5 so far.

UPDATE (11/23): BJ’s listing for the PS5 is now live. Keep checking the page for a chance to order. Click here.

The process is simple. You visit the BJ’s website, get yourself a $10 online-only membership, and wait for 12 AM EST, 11/20, Friday. The membership is required to make purchases so it’s better to be prepared already. We don’t have exact details but the purchasable quantity could be limited to “1 per person”.


Other PS5 Stock Trackers

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BJ’s Wholesale PlayStation 5 (PS5) Purchase Links –

  • Disc version – Not live Yet
  • Digital version – Not live yet

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