Alright, back to PlayStation 5 news update. There have been here and there updates or rumors about Sony PlayStation 5 models. So currently, we are waiting for the dual dense Edge controller, the CFI-1202, and the rumored PS5’s removable disk. Now you’re here with us as we wait for the Sony PlayStation 5 restock list, countries available, and how to pre-order. We got you, so stay with us.

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Sony PlayStation 5 restock list and countries

In case you forgot, there are two editions of the console: the Standard and the Digital. The Standard Edition supports physical discs while the other does not, which makes it the main difference between the two.

  • Yesterday, it came to us that PlayStation 5 was recently restocked at Sony Centre in India. This includes Amazon India, Flipkart, Games the Shop, Sony Centre India, and Vijay Sale. Here is the list of links to the shops above mentioned.
  • You may log onto any of the platforms and check the availability of the consoles then proceed with pre-ordering if it’s still up.
  • The prices of the two editions are as follows: Standard retails for Rs 34,9 99 while the Digital marks at Rs 39,990.
Sony PlayStation 5 Restock List, Countries, two editions
Image Courtesy of PlayStation
  • As of this writing, India has the latest restocking news for the PlayStation 5. We’ll watch out for more news in the following days, so stick around!

How to pre-order

Since we have mentioned that India has been the sole country to restock lately, we can still help you with pre-ordering. Basically, pre-order or pre-purchase allows you to make a “reservation” for the product you are to buy which is not on sale or available just yet.
  • In the shops above, if ever you found an available console to purchase, just log onto your account. From there, you may check out the item, and follow the prompts that may appear. There’s nothing much, so that’s good to go!

PlayStation Direct

  • If you want to know how to pre-order directly from PlayStation Direct as long as there is an available product, you may pre-order them.
Sony PlayStation 5 Restock List, ps direct
Image Courtesy of PlayStation Direct
    • Proceed to add the product to your cart. A credit card is required to complete the pre-order reservation, do remember that they must not charge any amount unless your item is ready to ship. Check your email for any confirmation and order reference number. Now you wait for your item, then it’s good!
    • Also, you may want to check out PlayStation Direct from time to time to get updated if any available Sony PlayStation 5 console drops!


  • If you are from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, you may want to look at this.
    • Register your account for an opportunity to purchase PS5 directly from PlayStation. If you’re lucky to be selected, you’ll be contacted via email with the instructions and details for purchasing.
Sony PlayStation 5 pre-order
Image Courtesy of PlayStation
    • By the way, do remember they only limit the transaction to one reserved console per registered PSN ID. If you need any more questions, you may check out this link for registration and look up their FAQs. Good luck, gamers!

That’s it, gamers! Let us know how you got your PS5 consoles below!

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You can also share any questions you have about PlayStation 5 below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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