Sony PlayStation 5 VR2; Will this be available this Holiday Season?

Sony PlayStation 5 VR2 Will this be available this Holiday Season - Cover Picture

The talk of the town lately is Sony’s PlayStation 5 VR2 coming soon. As Sony starts to unveil more details about the upcoming virtual reality device, some people are wondering if the Sony PlayStation 5 VR2 is going to be available this Holiday season.

Here is everything we know so far about Sony’s PlayStation 5 VR2. From specs to its potential release date, keep reading to know more about the latest virtual reality device coming soon from Sony.

The Sony PlayStation 5 VR2 is being praised for the immersive experience it gives to users

Sony is taking virtual reality to the next level with the PlayStation 5 VR2. Judging by the reviews from critics who had the chance to try out the newest headset from Sony, it’s definitely something you should add to your cart soon.

According to the lucky critics who got a hands-on experience with the Sony PlayStation 5 VR2, it’s a game-changer in everything VR-related. The people who got to try it out described their experience with the headset, claiming that it matches the quality of VR devices from major companies like Meta.

In CNET’s hands-on review of the PS5 VR2, they summarized the whole experience of using Sony’s VR headset as impressive. They didn’t shy away from describing the amazing experience it delivers to users wanting to take virtual reality to the next level.

Some of the highlights of using the PlayStation 5 VR2 are:

  • Unlike other VR headsets, this one is light, something you’d want a device you’ll wear over your head for a long time to be. CNET says that wearing the headset “feels like barely anything at all.”
  • The haptics is amazing on the Sony PlayStation 5 VR2. Aside from having haptics on the controllers, you can also feel them through the helmet.
  • Because of the OLED screen used with the helmet, the display is vivid and detailed to look at. Pair that with the PlayStation 5’s graphics capability and you’ll feel like you’re definitely part of whatever game you’re playing.
  • Sony finally got around to improving the Sense controllers with their upcoming VR2 headset.

Can we expect the Sony PlayStation 5 VR2 to arrive in time for the holiday season?

Although the latest VR headset from Sony sounds like a great gift to get yourself this Christmas, we have unfortunate news for you. According to Sony, they are targeting an “early 2023” release for the VR2 compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Sony PlayStation 5 VR2 Will this be available this Holiday Season - First Look
Image Courtesy of Sony

This means that you’ll have to set aside a few extra bucks after going Christmas shopping if you want to get your hands on this device. Sony’s PlayStation 5 VR2 may arrive in Q1 of 2023 if they’re planning on releasing it early next year.

That gives interested gamers enough time to save up since they might even include it as a bundle with PS5 units next year.

  • Now that the newer and lighter model of the PS5 is slowly making its way into the market, Sony may add the VR2 as a bundle with the PS5.
  • Hopefully, Sony resolves its restocking issues with the PS5 since until now, almost two years later since its release, the console is still hard to get for most gamers.

The newest PS5 1200 model is lighter compared to the first two versions of the PS5. This is mainly because of changes Sony made to the motherboard and heatsink of their latest console.

Sony is not making their new VR headset backwards compatible

Sony would be making a wise move by putting the PS5 and the VR2 headset into a bundle given that VR games are a huge thing now in the industry. This will also be a good way to introduce VR to new users especially now that we know the VR2 will not be backwards compatible.

According to Hideaki Nishino, they aim to “deliver a truly next-generation VR experience” with VR2. Thus, they made the decision to not make the device backwards compatible with previous PS VR games.

So far, there are four games critics have tested out with the PlayStation 5 VR2. During the preview event for the device, they showcased the following games in all their glory with the VR2:

  • Resident Evil: Village
  • Horizon: Call of the Mountain
  • Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge
  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2

Hopefully, Sony does pair their VR2 headset with the PS5 once it’s released. It definitely sounds like a deal we’ll be taking and again, we hope scalpers don’t get to the units first.

We’re hoping for a white Christmas this holiday season – with the white being a PS5 console wrapped up and placed underneath the Christmas tree.

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