Sony PlayStation 5 x Hori – Officially licensed Mechanical Keypad + Other PS5 Compatible gadgets

One of the desires of many PlayStation 5 owners is the capability to use a keyboard while playing their console. It makes for easier gameplay, especially if you’re used to playing games like first-person shooters on the PC. Look no further, as the developer Hori released the latest Tactical Assault Commander. It’s a mechanical keyboard that’s licensed for the PS4 and PS5, compatible for both consoles.

How Does Hori Work on the PlayStation 5?

The Hori Tactical Assault Commander looks like the left side of the keyboard, complete with WASD movement keys, CTRL and TAB buttons. It has an LED backlight and an adjustable palm rest. It’s fully customizable, meaning you can change the keys to fit inputs you desire. You can also store up to six profiles with it.

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That means you can play your favorite MMORPG, switch a profile, and head on to your next FPS playthrough. The caveat is that the Hori is only compatible with games that have a native keyboard and mouse compatibility. The best way to determine this is to see if there are PC versions of the game. Some examples of games that work well with Hori include:

The Hori Tactical Assault Commander will release on December 6 though preorders are available now. You can reserve one on Amazon for a price of $130.

Other PlayStation 5 Compatible Gadgets

There are many other compatible gadgets outside of the official PlayStation releases. Here are some of the highest-rated ones you can buy for the holidays:

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Sony is the developer of the PlayStation 5 so it makes sense that their 3D headset is compatible. It provides amazing 3D audio that will make your games feel more realistic as you play. That means you’ll actually hear the sound coming from behind you before you’re hit with a sneak attack. The headset is also compatible with the PC, making it a versatile choice for any home.

Thrustmaster T248

Those who love racing games will always prefer a realistic experience with a racing wheel controller. The Thrustmaster T248 makes you feel like you’re actually driving the vehicles. It comes with dynamic force feedback, making you feel like you’re actually on the terrain. The steering wheel even has a leather finish for a more realistic touch.

Victrix Pro FS

Some players love using fight stick controllers for their games. The Victrix Pro FS is one of the highest rated ones among recent controllers. It’s made of brushed aluminum which makes it durable and lightweight. There’s also a grip and padded button, ensuring that it doesn’t slip during those competitive fights. The joystick is also detachable, making it easy to hide the controller when not in use.

PowerA Twin Charging Station

When you own multiple controllers, it can be hard to try and charge everything at once with one USB port. The solution is to buy a charging station, which can fill up two controllers at a time. That way, you’ll always have a controller option no matter the time in the week. Charging stations are a great addition to any home and they’re an affordable accessory to have.

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