According to an industry expert, Sony’s PS VR2 headset won’t be available until next year.

PlayStation VR2 information is being released at a considerable pace. Barely over three months ago, its technical specs and Horizon Call of the Mountain were unveiled. The latter is the first game presently in development to utilize the PS VR2 headset.

The unveiling of Sony’s new virtual reality glasses happened last February. Some developers even had a chance to play with them during GDC last March. But what about the release date? The company has yet to reveal this information.

2023 Launch Date?

It was expected that PS VR2 will be released this year, but Sony hasn’t spoken anything about it yet. Recently though, Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO and analyst Ross Young’s new tweet has diminished our optimism about the 2022 release date prediction.

He claims that the release of PlayStation VR2 will not happen until 2023. This means that Sony might have originally scheduled to sell the VR headset this year, but it did not materialize.

The fact that an industry expert took the initiative to publicize the delay of Sony’s virtual reality headgear – which would also affect Apple, by the way – strongly suggests that PlayStation VR2 will surely not be released until 2023. It’s still unclear since Sony hasn’t officially announced it, so we’ll have to wait for more information from the company on when it will be available.

PlayStation VR2

With a resolution of 2000×2040 in each eye and a frequency between 90 and 120 Hz, the PS VR2 will be capable of playing a 4K video, according to what we gather from the official PlayStation website.

Courtesy of The Verge

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