On the evening of October 27, PlayStation released a State of Play dedicated to third-party titles for the PS5 and PS4. While a few major games like Star Ocean: The Divine Force and The King of Fighters XV were present, the show was primarily focused on independent video games for both platforms. Let’s go over what happened during this event.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Square Enix will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the JRPG Star Ocean saga with a new installment, Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Developed by Tri-Ace, it will be available sometime in 2022 for PS5 and PS4.

The King of Fighters 15 (Beta)

SNK has confirmed that the open beta for The King of Fighters XV will happen this November.  The trial will put 8 warriors to the test, including Dolores. Online Casual Match, Online Room Match, and Offline Training are among the modes available.

19th of November, 7:00PM (PST) 22nd of November, 06:59AM (PST)
20th of November, 4:00AM (CET) 22nd of November, 03:59AM (CET)
20th of November, 12:00PM (JST) 22nd of November, 11:59AM (JST)

Little Devil

Little Devil Inside, Neostream’s highly-anticipated PS5 and PS4 game, was the State of Play’s grand finale. We hadn’t witnessed significant gameplay since the game’s Kickstarter campaign in 2015. However, the event revealed more than four minutes. It will be available in 2022.

Deathverse: Let it Die

Deathverse: Let it Die, a multiplayer matchmaking game with close combat and a unique visual style, has been revealed by Supertrick Games and GungHo Online Entertainment. The game will be set in the same universe as Grasshopper Manufacture’s Let it Die (Supertrick Games was also involved in that project) decades later. It will concentrate on Player vs. Player and survival. It will be available on PS5 and PS4 in the spring of 2022.

We Are OFK

We Are OFK is a narrative journey in which you must select dialogue options, chat, flirt, and listen to interactive tunes as the indie-pop band OFK tells their story as a group. It will be accessible for PS5 and PS4 in 2022.

Bugsnax Free Expansion: BIGsnax

The Isle of BIGsnax, an expansion that will take us back to Snaktooth to finish the mailbox missions, will be released for free in early 2022, making Bugsnax one of the most original and friendly independent titles of 2020. The introduction of a housing system will enable us to personalize the cabin with the ornament we acquire.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach has been mentioned in earlier State of Plays. Finally, now we have a launch date for Scott Cawthon’s horror game: December 16, 2021, on PS5 and PS4.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door, the critically acclaimed game from the developers of Titan Souls, will be launched on PS5 and PS4 on November 23; those who pre-order it will also receive a free copy of Titan Souls, prior title from the Acid Nerve studio.

KartRider: Drift Coming

KartRider: Drift, the popular free kart game in Asia, will be released on PS4 in 2022. In the State of Play, it was revealed that the third phase of closed beta will be available, which gamers can sign up for using THIS LINK. The game will be free when it launches and will follow the game-as-a-service model, with updates every season.

First Class Trouble

First Class Trouble, a multiplayer game for PS5 and PS4 from Invisible Walls and Versus Evil, is based on the same concept as Among Us. The game has a total of six players. They are four human beings, each with their own objective. The other two are personoids tasked with preventing the others from achieving their goal. So, some people carry out objectives while others set traps and try to manipulate humans. It will be available on November 2 as part of a PlayStation Plus bundle.

What games are you most excited about? Feel free to comment below!

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