Sony PlayStation Third-party content soon - What we know so far

We can all agree that 2022 has been a wonderful year for Sony PlayStation. Numerous huge games came out, along with State of Play events throughout the year came to life. If the State of Play sounds unfamiliar, it showcases reveals, trailers, and announcements of upcoming games. Last year, Sony took this chance to drop huge and major gaming surprises to its fans. And to start the year right, a reported third-party content comes to the Sony PlayStation soon, here’s what we know so far about the possible State of Play 2023.

Third-party content on Sony PlayStation

This rumored arrival of third-party content on Sony came from a source that may shock you though. The retired Snitch shared this news to his public Discord server, according to Insider Gaming. With this huge piece of information, pretty sure Snitch wants to retain their nickname with them, sounds good to us.

State of Play, sony playstation
Image Courtesy of PlayStation
  • Anyway, The Snitch claims that Sony PlayStation gears to announce third-party content ‘very soon’. However, there’s no more in-depth news about the possible State of Play 2023. The Snitch may be a reliable leaker, but certainly, this should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Moreover, Snitch states that they got this information through a DM sent to them from a trustable source about the upcoming plans of Sony. This rumor may come unexpectedly to fans, but pretty sure there have been a lot of games in mind.
Sony PlayStation Third-party content, the snitch
Image Courtesy of The Snitch via Insider Gaming
  • Nothing happens to be confirmed yet for this piece of news but from the looks of it, a State of Play could happen. A few games may be revealed or announced though, let’s take a look at the previous and possible games for this year.

State of Play

Sony PlayStation State of Play hosted five third-party event content last year. This includes the months of February, March, June, and September, respectively. The most recent one in September, Sony showcased around 20 minutes of reveals including the huge God of War Ragnarok.

  • The last 2022 State of Play dropped a few games to watch out for in 2023. The games that you may want to catch this year are as follows:
    • Hogwarts Legacy
    • Like a Dragon: Ishin
    • Rise of the Ronin
    • Stellar Blade
    • Tekken 8
  • But what do you think we can expect if Snitch’s information happens to be true? Players talk about the rumored development of the remake of Metal Gear Solid which could be the headliner for the said-to-be State of Play 2023. Also, leaks have it that the remake could be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, thoughts?
  • Moreover, other possible games that Sony can add to the State of Play reveals and trailers are the most anticipated Sony-featured Hogwarts Legacy and Street Fighter 6. Both these games came announced to the fans last year.

  • Well, an Xbox Showcase confirms to be happening by January 25th, so having the Sony PlayStation State of Play around the same date would be a nice competition. If we remember correctly, The Snitch retired from the leaking of the games’ information last December 2022. Well, this looks like they’re back on track once again.

Did the sudden news of a Sony PlayStation third-party content coming very soon surprised you? Let’s wait for Sony’s confirmation of that!

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