Sony PlayStation VR2 – New Features + How to preorder?

The Sony PlayStation VR2 is nearing its release, with the estimate being late 2022 or early 2023. Sony is not yet giving complete details because they are still gauging whether or not they have enough due to chip shortage issues. However, they have been releasing information about the newest accessory for the PS5, looking very promising. Given their dedication to improving their systems, we might see a new era of VR develop right in front of us.


The PlayStation VR2 Features

At a glance, you’ll notice the higher resolution and FOV compared to its predecessor. It will have a frame rate of around 90 to 120HZ and 2000×2040 resolution per eye. Couple that with a 110-degree FOV, and you have a much more immersive experience, which is Sony’s goal for the VR2. It will release with the VR2 Sense controller, specifically designed to match the headset.

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Other than that, it will have numerous UI and UX upgrades to address the many concerns that players experienced with the original VR. The biggest gripe among VR users is the inability to gauge your surroundings and see where you’re playing. It has led to accidents where people accidentally run into a wall or hit their TV.

The VR2 will now have a button that will transition the headset into a see-through view so you can check your surroundings while playing. The system will also adjust with your play area thanks to the embedded cameras that will scan your room as you play.

There are also two settings for the accessory. There is the classic VR mode where you have a 360 view of your game (aka immersing yourself in it). It will also include a cinematic mode, which makes it look like you’re playing inside a movie house with a larger screen.

You’ll be able to broadcast yourself while playing. The integration will also be there for the VR2.

Price and Preorders

The estimated price for the PSVR 2 will be $550 in the US, with an estimate of it being in the same range for other countries. It will be a package that includes the stereo headphones, controllers, and the PSVR headset itself. Alternatively, people can purchase a bundle of Sony’s promoted Horizon Call of the Mountain, which will cost $50 higher.

When looking for accessories, you can also find a PSVR2-specific charging dock for $50. It allows you to charge the controllers without plugging them in. The titles developed for the VR2 are also promising, though we’re still waiting on details for:

For now, the best places to preorder a VR2 would be at the PlayStation Store itself or Amazon. You can also check Newegg and BestBuy in the US. There’s also an option to preorder at Argos or Very in the UK.

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