Sony PlayStation Working On New Controller Features for PS5 and PC

With the release of PS5 last year, Sony is all set for a few years in terms of the gaming console market. PS6 won’t be arriving for a long time but this doesn’t mean that it can’t still treat its fans. What we have for you today, is some unannounced news about a new controller features Sony is working on. Every gamer knows that controller is a very important aspect of providing an optimum gaming experience.

Adding new features to the controller will only do good. According to Patently Apple, Sony is working on possible additions to a future game controller for PS5 and PC. Patently Apple is an organization that conducts patent research and keeps track of new happenings related to patents. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Sony Interactive’s patent application 20210268373 this week. SIE filed the application for a patent on May 15, 2021.

The stated features in the patent application include a force feedback mechanism to improve simulation play, thermal camera, and biometric sensor. So, let’s dive straight into it.

Force Feedback Mechanism

Sony may implement the very first force feedback mechanism in a computer simulation controller. Sony has introduced this mechanism for providing resistance force to the movement of a joystick. The new mechanism may include a collar around the joystick as well as plural electromagnets. These electromagnets can be energized individually or in appropriate combinations to prove a magnetic force on the joystick.

The patent diagram also includes a motorized force feedback mechanism that includes a manipulable control (joystick or trigger). This motorized mechanism can be coupled to the controller to provide a resistive force to the controller. That aside, it may be implemented by a piezoelectric haptic trigger and motor creating resistance to the motion of the controller.

Cameras and Sensors

The patent describes thermal imaging cameras as a part of their “network” system. There might be one or more cameras on the console (AVD, Audio Visual Device) and one on the controller.

Also listed, were a number of sensors with one being a “biometric sensor.” Unfortunately, not many details were provided on the same, so we can’t help you with that. But it hints at the fact that Sony is considering Touch ID-style biometrics to authenticate users.

Also, at this point, we do not have an idea whether this will be a new controller altogether or an improved version of the current DualSense Wireless PS5 controller.

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