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Some gamers are still finding it hard to catch the Sony PS5 once there is a re-stock available. Despite the console being out for nearly two years now, stocks for the PS5 are limited but the demand is high. This has some players asking for a re-stock list of the Sony PS5 as well as the question: is it available in my country?

Here is an update on all the re-stock for the Sony PS5 this September. As of now, the countries with an available stock list for the console are limited. There’s a higher chance you’ll find PS5 re-stocks in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

As for other regions, it’s slightly harder to come by PS5 stocks. You’ll have to check in with your local gaming store to see if they have their own re-stock list for the device.

Re-stock links for Sony PS5 from major retailers and countries

Recently, the PS5 has been in talks of getting a price hike in other countries. However, the price of the console will remain the same for consumers in the United States.

Sony PS5 console
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As for major retailers, you can find PS5 re-stocks from time to time. At the moment, you can also register on Amazon to get an invitation for the next PS5 drop.

But if you want to make sure that your purchase is secure, you can also sign up with Sony themselves. After signing up, you get invitations for invite-only restocks of the sought-after PS5. Although this isn’t needed, you can always take this as a precautionary measure in securing yourself a PS5.

Here are the links to get your hands on a PS5 sooner rather than later.

Where to buy PS5 re-stock through retailers

The PS5 disc bundled with Horizon Forbidden West is still for sale on sites like Walmart and Amazon. However, you can also buy the PS5 Digital Edition from Amazon if you’re not looking for one bundled with a game.

Make sure to check the links from time to time since some of them have no stock. But with the recent improvements Sony has been making in production of the PS5, it won’t be long until you get your hands on your own device.

United States

  • PS5 Disc Version with Horizon Forbidden West
  • PS5 Digital Edition (console and controller only)
  • PS5 Disc Version (console and controller only)
    • Best Buy – $499.99
    • Walmart – $701.90
    • Amazon – $499.99
    • Target – **WAIT FOR RESTOCK**
    • Newegg – $798.95 (includes two controllers)
    • Newegg – $1,099.99 (includes two controllers and Pulse 3D Headset)
    • Adorama – $639.97 **WAIT FOR RESTOCK**


  • PS5 Disc Version
  • PS5 Digital Edition
    • Amazon – **WAIT FOR RESTOCK** (OLD MODEL)
    • Walmart – $949.95

United Kingdom

  • PS5 Disc Version with Horizon Forbidden West
    • BT – £499.99
    • Game – £529.99
  • PS5 Disc Version with LEGO Star Wars & FIFA 23
  • PS5 Digital Version
    • Game – **WAIT FOR RESTOCK**
    • Currys – £439.00 (with Horizon Forbidden West)
  • PS5 Disc Version
    • BT – £508.98 (includes two controllers)
    • BT – £513.99 (includes extra red controller)
    • Game – £479.99
    • Currys – £479.00
    • Currys – £389.00

How to secure a Sony PS5 once there is a re-stock

There are some ways to make sure you get a PS5 once these retailers update their stocks. We’ve enumerated some of the best tips we can give you so you’ll get a PS5 after waiting for so long.

Sony PS5 Re-Stock List Is it available in my country - Stock (BI, TV)
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  • Include your name on the invite-only drops

    • One of the most recommended ways to get a PS5 once they’re back in stock is to give in to those invite-only drops.

      All you have to do is register your name to get an invitation for the invite-only drops of PS5. Both Amazon and Sony themselves are offering this feature to make sure that gamers get their hands on the beloved console.

      However, we don’t promise you’ll secure a console if you’re part of these invite-only drops. But it does increase your chances of nabbing a PS5, so you really have nothing to lose by joining.

  • Register for memberships

    • Of course, this is going to cost you. But unlike Amazon, Walmart is still prioritizing its Plus members. So if you’re willing to shelve out some extra dollars to secure a PS5, you may want to consider getting yourself a membership.
Sony PS5 Re-Stock List Is it available in my country - Sign Up
Image Courtesy of Sony
  • Avoid resellers

    • Another tip we can give you is to not engage in business with resellers. Although some resellers are not trying to scam you, most of them on the marketplace nowadays mark up the prices. Trust us when we tell you that it’s better to wait for a legit drop than engage in scalpers and those who overprice their goods.
  • Make sure to be as fast as you can when you’re at checkout

    • Once you press checkout on a PS5 unit, it’s like a ticking time bomb. So you have to be quick to put in all your details. From card number to name and address, you’ll need them all. The best thing you can do for this is keep your details saved somewhere on your PC or phone so you’ll just have to copy and paste. Just don’t take too long, all right?

Sony PS5 Re-Stock List Is it available in my country - Success

  • Stay in the loop by being updated through social media accounts and sites

    • And finally, one of the best ways to secure a PS5 while the demand is still high is to keep yourself updated. Follow Twitter accounts that are focused on posting links to drops and re-stocks of the PS5. Additionally, you can also check in with gaming sites that have a PS5 re-stock list. Chances are they update the list from time to time.
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With how high the demand is for the PS5 nowadays, we understand that it’s hard to get your hands on it. But trust us when we say that you’ll soon get that console you’ve been wanting for so long.

We hope this re-stock list helped you find the PS5 you’ve been wanting for some time now. Let us know if we missed a store or if you know a better deal other than the ones listed here.

If you have other questions about the Sony PS5, feel free to share them in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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