Sony Q Lite: Possible release date + Where to buy

Gaming enthusiasts mark your calendars because the gaming world is abuzz with excitement. Sony is developing a new handheld device, codenamed Q-Lite. Be with us to know more about Sony Q Lite’s possible release date, where to buy, its price, and more.

This late Sony’s upcoming handheld will be a PlayStation 5 companion, but not a standalone handheld like PSP or Vita. Speculations suggest Q-Lite may be designed to support remote play and PlayStation Now’s subscription service.

Sony Q Lite Possible release date

While Sony has been tight-lipped about the exact release date, industry insiders speculate that it could be sooner than we think. As per Handerson’s claim, from the Iron Lord Podcast, it might hit the market in November 2023.

It seems Sony plans to release the Q-Lite handheld in tandem with the rumored PlayStation 5 Slim. Aiming for a comprehensive product refresh ahead of the anticipated PS5 Pro launch.

Where to buy + What will be the price of Sony Q Lite?

  • Even though we don’t have any news regarding where people can buy Q Lite, it’ll most probably be available on Sony’s official site.
  • According to recent reports, the expected retail price for the PlayStation Q-Lite is around $200.

Will it be more expensive than other favorite handheld gaming devices?

Compared to the pricey $349.99 Logitech G-Cloud, which lacks onboard hardware, Sony could take inspiration from the more affordable Abxylute for their cloud-based Q-Lite handheld.

Sony Q Lite Possible Release date
Image Courtesy of Sony

Abxylute is selling its console for $229 (cheaper on Kickstarter), making it a potential benchmark for Sony’s Q-Lite, which could aim for a sweet spot of $200.

Sony Playstation Q Lite’s Specs

To keep costs low, Sony’s Q-Lite is expected to have modest specs in comparison to other cloud-based consoles. For example, Logitech G-Cloud and Abxylute’s Cloud Gaming Console, utilize ultra-low powered SoCs for video feed in cloud gaming.

Sony may opt for a cost-effective approach with Q-Lite, with a processor closer in power to Logitech G-Cloud than Razer Edge. It is expected to have around 4GB of RAM to outperform some competitors.

Here are the expected specs that might appear on the device:

  • Processor: Lower-end ARM-based SoC
  • RAM: Approx. 4GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: Possible eMMC storage
  • Screen: Rumored 8-inch LCD display with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Wi-Fi: Expected to support Wi-Fi 6E for optimal wireless connectivity
  • Operating system: Could be based on Android or a custom fork of PS5’s OS
  • Streaming services: Won’t support other streaming services as reports say.

Expected Design of Sony’s Q Lite

Sony Q Lite Possible Release date
Image Courtesy of @PS_Vortex on Twitter

Twitter user @PS_Vortex shared breathtaking renders of the Q-Lite design that are bound to leave you mesmerized. If these renders are indeed accurate, the Q-Lite console appears to boast a sleek and minimalist design with a futuristic aesthetic.

So, if you’re a gaming enthusiast looking for the next big thing. Keep your eyes peeled and your controllers at the ready for the arrival of the Sony Q Lite.


Get ready to level up your gaming experience like never before! That’s everything to know about Sony Q Lite’s possible release date, where to buy, its price, and more. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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