Sony Will Be Present At Gamescom And The Tokyo Game Show

Sony’s absence at E3 this year has been felt very much in the gaming industry. Although for many the choice was clever. In fact, the Tokyo home did make its presence felt with its pre-E3 State of Play. Apparently, the giant’s move could be to reinforce its conferences to turn them into real Direct, similar to Nintendo.

Regardless, skipping conferences won’t be a standard, apparently, since the company is back on track. Sony has indeed confirmed that it will participate in both the Gamescom (which will be held from August 24th to 29th) and at the Tokyo Game Show (from September 12th to 15th). Not only that, the company will host a brand new conference on 1 August called ChinaJoy. Made to highlight games funded by China and planned for the global stage.

Whether or not Sony has skipped this year’s E3 for some sort of test remains to be seen. If the Los Angeles demonstration were to jump again in 2020, despite the new hardware it will have to show, the fact of a change, of course, will be more than established. But for the moment it doesn’t seem to be like this.

Instead, it will be different for Blizzard. The company has announced that it will not be present in any of the conferences and will not even hold a stand. The reason, most likely, is that Blizzcon will be held from November 1st to 3rd and it is likely that Blizzard decides to reveal all the news during that event.

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