Sony x Honda partnership may lead to electric vehicles with PS5s

Last September, Honda announced that it entered into a partnership with Sony for development of their future vehicles. The move was likely in response to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. Brands like Tesla have dominated the market on that front, even surpassing giants such as Toyota. As both brands contemplate on future features for Honda EVs, both seem to have the same idea: focus on entertainment.

A PS5 Inside a Honda

According to Sony engineers and Honda technicians, a PS5 inside a vehicle is technologically possible. The edge that the partnership has over Tesla is that Sony is one of the most dominating forces in terms of entertainment technology. It’s prevalent in the popularity of the PS5 and many other Sony products. While it is possible, there are several challenges to overcome.

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The first is that the vehicle would need enough space to make PS5 gaming comfortable. That means they must redesign the interior to fit this concept. It would also work best if there was another feature fully implemented: autonomous driving.

Driverless cars are from fiction with many companies now testing its capabilities. Being able to relax and play in your car while you’re heading to a set location is a dream for all drivers. According to Yasuhide Mizuno which is heading the joint venture, the first fruits of this partnership will likely appear in the market by 2025.

Considering that the PS5 had a seven year lifespan, having a PS5 inside a vehicle will be something many people will enjoy. The number of games and upgrades released then will make it a viable competitor. However, there’s also the challenge of providing enough relevance for it to matter. Who would want to buy a car with a PS5 if a PS6 is already being developed? These are all answers the partnership must address.

A Tech Race

Aside from Tesla’s dominance in the electric vehicle market, it’s hold will not stay this strong forever. Companies like Honda, Toyota, and even European designers are looking into the EVs of the future. Companies like Google and Apple are also chiming in, and partnering with car manufacturers to make their own iterations.

The Honda x Sony partnership will likely cater to a more exclusive and premium audience. They want to showcase what it’s capable of small first before they look into mass production. For us, we’ll see how this intention developers within the next three years.

Concept Cars

Concept cars are usually a preview of what the future holds for vehicles. After a brand showcases one, it takes them a few more years to polish the car for mass production. For now, the trend seems to be heading into self-driving electric vehicles. Audi, recently showcased its intention to slowly transition into the EV market fully, leaving gas vehicles behind.

Other manufacturers are focusing on hybrid engines and capabilities. One can use electricity as a main power source before switching to gas when it runs out. It hopes to resolve the issue of EVs not having enough in them for consistent long drives.

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