Sony Tokyo Headquarters
Sony Tokyo Headquarters

Gender discrimination is everywhere and it doesn’t spare the giant company – Sony.

The former employee, Emma Majo, an IT analyst filed a lawsuit against the big giant claiming gender discrimination, rude behavior against women, and demotivating policies by the company against the company if the women employee ask any questions regarding promotions.

The Lawsuit

  • On 22nd November 2021, Emma Majo filed a lawsuit against Sony; she alleges that women in the organization feel inequality in monetary as well as in social terms. They allegedly receive lower wages than male employees.
  • According to Majo, when she asked for her promotions, she was intentionally fired from the organization. Majo was not fired due to her bad work but after inquiring about promotions. The HR of the organization resists promoting female employees.
  • The lawsuit also claims that the manager’s behavior towards women employees was disgusting.
“Personally heard managers make gender-biased comments about female workers.”
  • She also cited an incident where a female worker with a personal issue was described as “not performing well because she has a lot going at home”, which Majo argues “construes women as more emotional and less professional than male colleagues”.

Through this lawsuit, Majo wants to support the other women employees who had suffered the same situation and are going to suffer in the future. So she is requesting court approval to expand the lawsuit into a class action.

This is on behalf of all women who’ve worked for SIE in California over the past four years, who had to suffer lost earnings, lost benefits, and other financial loss, as well as humiliation, embarrassment, emotional, and physical distress, and mental anguish”. The lawsuit is seeking “general compensatory damages in amounts to be proven at trial.”

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