Source: Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date To Be Revealed At E3 2019

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During Microsoft’s E3 panel this year, CD Projekt Red will reveal a targeted release date for the highly-awaited Cyberpunk 2077, according to a new source. Along with the targeted release date, CD Projekt Red will drop a new gameplay trailer along with an update on the game’s progress.

We knew Cyberpunk 2077 would be there at this year’s E3 but we weren’t sure about a release date reveal. Although speculations were already out there, we didn’t have any sort of confirmation from insiders until now.

Talking about other factors, the social media team handling Cyberpunk 2077’s Facebook page, when asked about Stadia support, said, “We will see, right now we are fully focused on making the game.” Over 400 people are working on the game with Adam Badowski leading the project.

The information comes from NeoGAF user Braldryr, who introduced themselves as, ” I am just a person who… let’s just say knows many people, some would rather argue that I know TOO MANY people.”

In their massive Microsoft infodump, Braldryr created six sections, namely What is Going to Happen, What Has a High Chance of Happening, What Has a Small Possibility of Happening, Approached/Being Purchased, Not Happening and Rumored. They put the Cyberpunk release date information in the first section.

On 26th April, we asked the same social media team if the many release dates floating around the internet then were true. The team replied, “Hi! There is no release date set yet, so all those that are flying around are made up based on speculations.” So, you might want to take the details provided by Braldryr with a pinch of salt.

To solidify their claims and credibility, Braldryr posted ten images of them showing off business cards of people working at Rare, Microsoft Studios, CD Projekt Red, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Epic Games, Saber Interactive, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Bohemia Interactive, Relic Entertainment, Avalanche Studios, PopCap, EA, Wild Card, Capcom, Creative Assembly, Capcom, Atlus, Konami and Ready at Dawn. The individual also showed off his PlayStation and Xbox bands from E3 2018.

Here are all the photos they added to prove their credibility –

Spiel Times has contacted Braldryr personally to provide us with more information for credibility and to solidify the statement they made. We’ll update this article when and if they respond.

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3 thoughts on “Source: Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date To Be Revealed At E3 2019”

  1. Brad Torville

    Great, another cinematic trailer that will hopefully not be from the early pre-alpha build yet again actually demonstrating nothing at all that will be in the final product. *yawn*

    1. They wrote that it’s a gameplay trailer, not a cinematic trailer – big difference. As with the Witcher 3, they will probably never let people play the game at any conference, and will only show gameplay trailers up to the release.

      1. Many people got to play Witcher 3 before release. In January of 2015, the press got to play it. In April 2015 they invited Youtubers to Warsaw to play the beginning of the game and some even got to play mid game as well. Before release there was hours of gameplay to look at so that you can decide on buying.

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