South African schools demand ban on Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME Hydration drink

Logan Paul KSI PRIME Hydration South African schools ban

South African authorities are worried about Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME Hydration drink and want it banned from schools. The drink, owned by the world-famous YouTubers, recently became available at Checkers stores. It quickly sold out, creating a high demand among consumers. The National Association of School Governing Bodies (NASGB) believes that the drink can change students’ behavior, so parents should have more control over what their kids bring to school. 

Trends analyst Bronwyn Williams says the drink’s popularity is because it’s hard to find. Young people, especially, want what others see as valuable. As a result, the drink’s price went up to R1,000 on resale sites in the UK and the US. Read more about the controversy surrounding Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME Hydration drink in South Africa.

Why does South Africa want to ban PRIME Hydration?

The NASGB worries about how the drink affects students’ behavior and wants it banned in schools. A spokesperson said they don’t know if students become unpredictable after consuming the drink. They believe it would disrupt learning and discipline in schools.

PRIME Hydration in South Africa (Image courtesy of Shoprite Holdings)

Parents have noticed changes in their children’s behavior after drinking PRIME Hydration, but it’s unclear what these changes are. The association thinks these changes could negatively affect the school environment and discipline.

After the NASGB’s call for a ban, many parents lined up outside Checkers stores hoping to buy the drink. It was initially priced low, making it affordable for excited consumers. However, the drink reportedly sold out quickly, increasing demand and cost.

Debate around the PRIME Hydration controversy in South Africa

The NASGB’s request to ban PRIME Hydration in schools has caused considerable discussion across the country. Supporters believe that parents should have more control over what their kids drink at school. They think energy drinks can make students misbehave, affecting their learning and well-being.

However, some people think the association’s worries might not be accurate or exaggerated. They argue that if people consume energy drinks responsibly, learn about the effects, drink in moderation, and there won’t be any problems.

The debate about PRIME Hydration shows that many young people in South Africa and worldwide like to show off by buying expensive things. 

Why is Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME Hydration so famous?

Logan Paul and fellow YouTuber KSI founded PRIME Hydration, which has experienced rapid growth. Notably, PRIME secured an official global sports drink partnership with the UFC.

The sports and energy drinks, launched in 2022, have quickly become prominent in the global market. A promotional event in Australia went out of control, and the police had to cancel it. Logan Paul revealed that his brand achieved over $250 million in retail sales in its first year.

Recent data indicates that PRIME generated $51.7 million in sales within the past four weeks, ranking it among the top sports drinks, behind Gatorade, Gatorade Zero, BodyArmor, Gatorade Frost, and Powerade.

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