South Korean University Hosts Entrance Ceremony Using Minecraft

Because of the high amount of COVID-19 cases in South Korea, most of the schools opt for an online setup. But a South Korean University decided to hold its entrance ceremony in the world of Minecraft.

A University in South Korea held an entrance ceremony in Minecraft.
byu/bedesloman inMinecraft

Yeungnam University hosted its freshman entrance ceremony in Minecraft.

Reddit user u/bedesloman uploaded a clip on the Minecraft subreddit. The clip showcased highlights from the virtual ceremony and most Redditors complimented the effort. According to Yeungnam University, they still wanted to hold the traditional ceremony for the new batch of freshmen. But because of COVID-19 cases being high in their country, they decided to do it through a virtual set-up so they could avoid any complications.

The Minecraft version of the Yeungnam University perfectly mirrored the actual campus.

The entrance ceremony took place in the virtual auditorium of the school. Many of the Minecraft characters had unique skins which added enjoyment to the attendees. Further into the clip, we can see an overhead shot of the virtual university where the work of experienced Minecraft players are displayed. It seems the university got Minecraft veterans on-board and had them create a replica of their university.

One of the seniors involved in the project shared that even though not all of the incoming freshmen couldn’t attend, it was still a huge success. Basing on the clip alone, it’s obvious that the participating students were thrilled to take part in this virtual ceremony.

An Education Edition of Minecraft is now available.

Image Courtesy of Minecraft

Minecraft’s features have evolved through the years. Aside from building worlds, slaying creepers, and mining ore, the developers came up with an Education Edition. The Minecraft Education Edition allows educators and students to keep in touch with each other through the game. Furthermore, the Education Edition has tons of ways on how teachers and students can communicate and interact with each other.

It’s likely we’ll be seeing more of these Minecraft-based ceremonies in the future as newer innovations are coming to life. What do you think? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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