South Korean Actor Na Chul who embellished the Korean entertainment industry and showstoppers like Vincenzo tragically passed away on the 21st of January of this New Year.

As it stands, the deceased’s dead body is taken to the funeral home of Soonchunhyang University in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

The South Korean Actor Na Chul’s legacy is beyond that of only Vincenzo

Vincenzo Actor Na Chul cause of death
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Born December 24, 1986, Na Chul appeared in multiple works in the South Korean film and Television industry. Having made his name in titles such as Sinkole (2021), and 1987: When The Day Comes, Tune in for Love, etc.

The finest of the actor’s television history includes not only Vincenzo, where he played the character Na Deok-Jin, but also other amazing works such as Touch Your Heart.

Na Chul was going through health complications gradually from an earlier period

  • The Vincenzo Actor, Na Chul, stirred quite many hearts with his recent health complications. Yes, the actor had been suffering from acute health deteriorating that has plagued him for a while now.
  • The South Korean Actor Na Chul, passes away at 36 after heavy complications raised in his health issues. But what exactly was Na Chul’s cause of death?

Vincenzo Actor Na Chul cause of death

South Korean Actor Na Chul cause of death
Actor Na Chul, image via kbizoom

Na Chul’s cause of death is quite on the stirr. Mainly because no one has been able to confirm the full details yet. But few sources here and there point to his family members, who also allegedly provided the news of his demise to the social platforms.

The family members did not, however, reveal the exact reasons behind the Vincenzo actor’s death. The funeral is scheduled for 23rd January 2023. If the reports are any right, we may have further clarification on his cause of death on the day of his funeral. Which might come through the obituaries of his loved ones.

Some portals claim that the Vincenzo actor was getting surgery due to certain health complications, many of which Na Chul had been tackling for quite a while now.

As of now, the closest we can get to reporting his cause of death is to mention the possibility that he may have passed away during a critical medical procedure. And this happened on the morning of 21st January.


Sinkhole 2021
Image courtesy of The Korea Herald

Na Chul’s career took a big break ever since 2010 as he began acting on the stage through the play “Anne’s Diary” 2010. Although words fall short to condone the actor’s death, the South Korean fraternity seems united in paying tribute to the late actor.


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