Sperasoft Will Support 343 Industries For Halo: Infinite

halo infinite

Maybe the name of Sperasoft does not tell you much. But if we add, animation and Mass Effect Andromeda, right away as an informed player it must have made you tick! Indeed the studio that had collaborated with BioWare working on the animations of Mass Effect Andromeda will also take care of Halo: Infinite. You know in which area? Well, animations, but not only.

Sperasoft, a multi-faceted studio that has collaborated in recent years in various aspects of the realization of AAA projects (Anthem, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin ‘s Creed Odyssey) will support 343 Industries, the studio in charge of the development of Halo: Infinite. If the developers of Halo: Infinite will handle most of the game’s animations, Sperasoft will take care of the motion capture and participate in the realization of the levels.

Indeed we can observe in the section “Career“, the studio is looking for a Level Artist as well as a Lighting Artist. Two key positions in the realization of levels and atmosphere. As a reminder, the flagship game of the American firm Microsoft will accompany the launch of its next console, Project Scarlett, but also the Xbox One for 2020.

Thus Halo: Infinite will be equipped with a brand new graphics engine, the SlipSpace Engine, which will have to take full power from older generation consoles and offer increased visual comfort for Project Scarlett.