Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far

Spider-Man 2 All characters we know of so far

Marvel has released the first gameplay video of Spider-Man 2 to the delight of fans of the friendly neighborhood hero. Spider-Man 2 is slated for release on the PlayStation 5 in the autumn of 2023, and it will feature an all-star ensemble of comic book characters.

Wondering which villains and heroes will make an appearance? We’ve got you covered, and on this list of we will make sure to go over every Spider-Man 2 character we know of so far after the gameplay and trailer teasers we’ve gotten so far.

Spider-Man 2: All confirmed characters so far


Spider-Man: Peter Parker (Symbiote Suit)

Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far
Peter Parker | Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

In his final years as a teenager, Peter Parker emerges as an exceptional scientist with extensive knowledge in biochemistry and engineering. He faces the constant struggle of maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between his personal life, relationships, and responsibilities as a superhero, thereby adding complexity and relatability to his character.

Spider-Man 2 showcases significant transformations in his journey, as he finds himself intertwined with the Venom symbiote, donning a fresh Symbiote Suit and unleashing chaos upon Kraven’s minions.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far
Miles Morales | Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

In the upcoming title, “Spider-Man 2,” the attention shifts back to Miles Morales, who had previously taken the lead role in “Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” Miles, a teenager of African American and Puerto Rican heritage, resides in New York City. He embodies a relatable and captivating persona, characterized by a deep commitment to responsibility and the pursuit of justice.

Collaborating closely with his fellow Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Miles’ presence is invigorating. His shared dedication to justice, duty, and righteousness brings a familiar and refreshing dynamic to the storyline. The upcoming game allows players to assume the roles of both Peter and Miles, offering the opportunity to experience the game from their distinct perspectives.


Kraven the Hunter

Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far
Kraven | Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The game is likely to feature Sergei Nikolaievich Kravinoff, better known by his alias “Kraven the Hunter,” as its primary antagonist. The latest gameplay trailer places him in a prominent position, highlighting his importance to the storyline.

In Marvel Comics, Kraven transformed into an exceptional hunter, driven by a quest to regain a lost sense of nobility.

The gameplay reveal depicts Kraven’s focus shifting towards New York City, implying his intention to hunt both heroes and villains within the city’s limits. He aims to establish himself as the preeminent hunter, showcasing his prowess and seeking to claim the title of the ultimate hunter.

Lizard (Curt Connors)

In the trailer, one prominent villain that has been confirmed is the Lizard, who is the reptilian form of Dr. Curt Conners.

Dr. Conners, one of Spider-Man’s well-known adversaries, transforms into the Lizard after using a special serum initially intended to aid in the regeneration of lost limbs in humans.

Within the footage, Peter and Miles make an attempt to rescue the Lizard from Kraven and his accomplices. However, in another scene, we witness them desperately evading the Lizard’s voracious and snapping jaws. Although the Lizard’s alliances remain unknown, it is evident that he will play a significant role in the game’s storyline.

Venom | [ Unconfirmed ]

Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far
Venom | Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

Spider-Man 2 is expected to feature the beloved anti-hero from the Spiderverse, Venom. Venom is an extraterrestrial symbiote possessing a liquid-like, shape-shifting form. It relies on bonding with a host, typically a human, for survival.

The recent gameplay reveal unveils the presence of the Venom symbiote, seemingly fused with Peter Parker. This significant development strongly suggests that Venom will indeed be a part of the game, making an appearance in the storyline.

Black Cat | [ Unconfirmed ]

Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far
Black Cat | Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

Felicia Hardy, a character from Marvel’s Spider-Man, is renowned as the most skilled thief in the Marvel Universe. Her ability to manipulate luck ensures that she maintains the upper hand, while those who oppose her often face misfortune.

In the gameplay reveal, Felicia is identified as one of the individuals Kraven may target.

Prowler | [ Unconfirmed ]

Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far
Prowler | Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Aaron Davis is Miles’ uncle, who uses stolen tech to operate as the super-thief known as the Prowler. In comics, Davis is actually the second Prowler. The original, Hobie Brown, is a longtime ally of Peter Parker.

Aaron Davis returns in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from the Miles Morales spin-off game. Like most of the others, Prowler appears to be one of Kraven’s targets in New York City.

Wraith | [ Unconfirmed ]

Wraith | Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

Among Kraven’s potential targets, Detective Yuri Watanabe, known for her alter ego Wraith, is also observed.

In Marvel Comics, Wraith is a vigilante who employs confiscated technology from various villains such as Mysterio, Mr. Fear, and the Chameleon to combat criminal activities.

Although Detective Watanabe previously appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man game, she did not assume the role of Wraith during that time. It appears that in the game’s world, Detective Watanabe has embarked on a similar journey, embracing the path of Wraith.

Tombstone | [ Unconfirmed ]

Tombstone is yet another Kraven”s target in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In Marvel comics, Alonzo Thompson Lincoln is a supervillain depicted as a hulking albino man with filed teeth.

As of writing, there is little information about Tombstone in the game. However, fans have all the reasons to be hyped about his potential involvement.

Taskmaster | [ Unconfirmed ]

Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far
Taskmaster | Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Another prominent character from Marvel’s Spider-Man, Taskmaster makes a comeback in the sequel as one of the targets pursued by Kraven.

The Taskmaster in the game is no different from his character in the comics. He is still the merciless mercenary most fans know.

Utilizing his power to mimic the fighting styles of others, he trains henchmen and launches assaults on superheroes.

It remains uncertain whether Taskmaster will continue to pose challenges for players, as he did in the first game.

Kingpin | [ Unconfirmed ]

Kingpin | Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will mark the return of Kingpin, who has previously appeared in both Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Miles Morales spin-off game.

Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin, is an unrelenting and merciless criminal mastermind. He exercises control over an extensive illicit empire that extends its influence throughout the entire city.

Kingpin being in the game doesn’t come off as a complete surprise. However, it’s exciting to see how this villain fits into the storyline now that we’re facing off against Kraven the Hunter.

Shocker | [ Unconfirmed ]

Spider-Man 2: All characters we know of so far
Shocker | Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

The Shocker is yet another supervillain that appears in Kraven’s tablet as he looks for potential targets in New York City.

The Shocker, also known as Herman Schultz, is a supervillain in Marvel Comics and a frequent adversary of Spider-Man. He possesses gauntlets capable of emitting powerful shock waves and has risen through the ranks of New York City’s criminal underworld as a hired mercenary. Unlike many other Spider-Man villains, the Shocker’s motivations primarily revolve around acquiring wealth and living a comfortable life.

It is unclear as to what Shocker will bring to the game. He is definitely an interesting adversary of Spider-Man and we are sure to have a great time with him in the game.

Be sure to check out Marvel Entertainment’s official gameplay reveal!

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