Spider-Man PS4’s “New Game Plus Mode Could Happen Any Day Now”

Marvel's Spider-Man

Insomniac Games is ready to roll out Marvel’s Spider-Man’s (widely known as Spider-Man PS4) first DLC – The Heist, featuring Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy. Alongside, we might see the New Game Plus mode swinging right in.

In an hour-long conversation with Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Creative Director Bryan Intihar and Lead Writer Jon Paquette hinted a few updates on the critically-acclaimed superhero title. Here are the highlights (via ResetEra)

  • Bryan and Jon re-emphasize that the movie rights had absolutely nothing to do with the game being made.
  • Sony had as much input into the crafting of the game creatively as Marvel did.
  • DLC includes a focused story that fleshes out more characters, more activities around New York, and new costumes.
  • New Game Plus mode could happen any day now.
  • Insomniac doesn’t know whether there is going to be an “MCU” for gaming or not.
  • They don’t really have any insight into the Square Enix Avengers game.

The rest of the podcast is littered with spoilers and story-talks. However, you could still listen/watch to the entire thing below.

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