Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered lets gamers experience the action-packed worlds of Peter Pan and Spider-Man. In the game, you can almost do everything Spider-Man does in the movies. In addition, you even share the story with him. 

Everyone was keen on the new game on PC. There have been many mods brought to Spider-Man, such as swinging through the city – a famous move of the superhero.

Unfortunately, just a few days ago, a mod removed the Pride flags on the game. The mod uploader removed these flags and replaced them with the USA flag. Obviously, this was a hate stunt against the LGBTQIA+ community. Since the Pride flag serves as the most common flag that represents them. 

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Someone was hateful enough to remove them. And to remove them is a subtle yet impactful way of erasing their existence. This is definitely not a message you should be expecting from a game that features your ‘friendly neighborhood,’ does it?

Who is the mod uploader?

  • Apparently, the mod was uploaded using a “sock puppet” account. It is basically a dummy account to hide the modder’s real identity. Fortunately, NexusMods was able to identify the modder. 
  • The sock puppet was called “Mike Hawk.” NexusMods banned both the sock puppet and the main account because they perceive they were trolling. In addition, users who didn’t agree with the ban and policy have been encouraged to “delete your account… and move on.”

Statement by NexusMods

Photo courtesy of nexusmods
  • Apart from banning the sock puppet and the main account, NexusMods also issued a formal statement on their site. They said that the fact that the uploader made a sock puppet account, they had no doubts about banning both accounts.
  • If only the modder was not a coward and used their main account instead. NexusMods would have easily removed the mod and warned them. NexusMods would have only banned the account if the mod was re-uploaded again after being fairly warned.
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  • NexusMods also directly addressed the modder, refusing to argue with whoever it was. “We’ve now explained our stance and we won’t be providing a platform for you to distort our position in order to feed an irrational and paranoid narrative. You can do that elsewhere, where we won’t care enough to read it.”
  • As mentioned, NexusMods also addressed users who were not in favor of the decision to ban the modder. If the policy upset them, or they feel that some moral code of conduct as a business was broken. If they cannot accept it, they are free to delete their account and move on.

ModDB also makes a statement

Photo courtesy of moddb
  • The official statement by NexusMods was only the beginning. Another major modding host ModDB also removed the anti-LGBTQIA+ mod from Spider-Man. They also banned the modder.

  • ModDB took to Twitter to state that they are an inclusive environment for all. They completely do not allow any target against marginalized groups such as the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition, they also stressed that their content moderation “is largely automated but when identified, we have a zero-tolerance policy for this kind of content.”

In whatever industry, there should be no tolerance nor blindness to any behavior or action that targets marginalized groups. The LGBTQIA++ have long fought for their freedom and equal rights, and they are still continuing to do so. Any attempt to ridicule and erase their fight should be addressed. 

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