Marvel's Spider-Man

There’s still a lot to explore in the year’s biggest superhero video game but it seems one of the many facts might fascinate you. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spidey delivers his dialogues in two different ways. One – for when he’s at rest and the other – when he’s mid-air.

This detail is pretty minute but also a major contributing factor to why Marvel’s Spider-Man is a heavily polished game. Kotaku Editor Kirk Hamilton posted a video of the aforementioned that’ll help you grasp the information more precisely –

Spider-Man voice actor Yuri Lowenthal had to record the same line twice for this feature to function. If you’re sitting idle at the top of a skyscraper, Spidey will deliver the dialogues in a usual manner. However, if you’re swinging through New York City, he will deliver strained dialogues and you can hear the exhaustion in his voice.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now out for the PS4.

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