The hype around the release of Splatoon 3 is more than expected especially since this is arguably one of the most exciting shooter games ever. You can play a variety of game modes in Splatoon 3 but the most common game mode is the Turf War. In this article, we’ll cover all the basics about Turf War in Splatoon 3 as well as how to join the upcoming Splatfest.

Splatfests are going to be monthly events in Splatoon 3. Since this is the first Splatfest ever for the third game in the series, you can nab some sweet rewards just by playing! Here’s everything you need to know about the Turf War game mode in Splatoon 3.

Out-ink your enemies in the Turf War mode in Splatoon 3

Ever since the first Splatoon game came out, one of the most popular game modes is the Turf War. For those unfamiliar with Turf Wars in Splatoon, your goal is to basically cover the entire map in your team’s ink. Although it sounds simple enough, there’s a reason why the word ‘Turf’ is followed by ‘War’.

Splatoon 3 What is Turf War and how to join - Official
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You’ll be facing off against an enemy team who has the same goal in mind. Both teams then try and outlast (out-ink?) the other since the only way a game of Turf War ends is if the timer runs out.

Here’s a rundown of what a Turf War is in Splatoon 3:

  • Two teams of four players fight against each other until the timer runs out
  • Although players can eliminate each other, the main goal is to cover the majority of the map in your team’s ink
  • Turf War matches in Splatoon 3 go on for three minutes
  • The team with more ink covering the map wins the Turf War

If you’ve played other shooting games like Call of Duty, this mode is similar to Capture the Flag or Domination. You can eliminate your enemies for that extra splat of ink on the map, but this shouldn’t be your goal in a Turf War match.

How to join Turf War in Splatoon 3

Since this is one of the most common modes in Splatoon 3, joining a Turf War is relatively easy to do. You can join a game through the lobby by doing any of the two methods below:

  • Bring up the in-game menu and access the lobby from there
  • Go to the lobby located in Splatsville

Once you’re in the lobby, you can choose which game mode you want. You can also choose whether you want to join a Regular or Private Battle.

  • Regular Battles let you play with random players
  • Choose Private Battles if you want to play with friends

Take part in this month’s Splatfest to be the last ink standing

We mentioned that the Splatfest is a monthly event in Splatoon 3 where you fight against other players in a Turf War battle. The winners of the Splatfest are decided through the following:

  • Team popularity
  • How many wins they have from Turf Wars
  • Clout

Something new added to Splatoon 3 is a feature called ‘Clout’.

A player’s clout is measured by how much ground they were able to ink during Turf War matches in the monthly Splatfest event. If you want high Clout, make sure to cover as much Turf with your team’s ink as you can during these matches.

Tri-Color Turf War

Splatoon 3 is also introducing the Tri-Color Turf Wars which are playable during the Splatfest. The set-up for this game mode is rather complicated, but it still follows the mechanics of a regular Turf War match.

Splatoon 3 What is Turf War and how to join - Game
Images Courtesy of Nintendo

In Tri-Color Turf Wars, there are three teams facing off against each other. The leading team has the benefit of having a four-man party while the other two teams have two players each.

It’s still technically two teams against each other since, at the end of every match, Splatoon 3 adds the total percentage of turf covered by the smaller teams.

When does Splatfest start in Splatoon 3?

The first-ever Splatfest for Splatoon 3 begins on September 23 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. It will only run for three days as the final day is on September 25. While the Splatfest hasn’t started, you can take the time to get used to the Turf War game mode in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 released last September 9, 2022. It is available exclusively for players on the Nintendo Switch.

Ink or be inked, players!

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