Spotify: Is Jam similar to Blend? How to Start a Session

Spotify: Is Jam similar to Blend? How to Start a Session

Friends who share music together would probably stay with this streaming service giant. Spotify has introduced its new feature called Jam. A replacement to the platform’s Group Session feature, it allows users to listen to personalized music with their friends together in real time. With the several features the music streamer has unveiled so far, many want to know how Jam is similar to Blend. Also, we will explore how to start a session.

Is Jam similar to Blend?

Jam is a combination of all the famous social features on Spotify. But to make it more personalized, it has an added personalization technology, taking the users’ real-time listening experience with their group to the next level. Premium users can invite friends to add music to their shared playlist and enjoy it together.

Alternatively, Blend, as the name suggests, combines two users’ music tastes. It lets a couple of users listen to the same music with one another, which Blend makes easier for them. How? This feature has the ability to share song titles without the help of user-generated content, which traditional social media platforms do.

Spotify: Is Jam similar to Blend? How to Start a Session
Spotify Blend (Image via Spotify)

So, is Jam similar to Blend? Well, in some ways, yes. Jam and Blend let their users listen to the same music/playlist together. However, unlike Blend, Jam allows more than two subscribers to join in: thus, the name. On the other hand, Blend is only for two users who can listen together.

How to Start a Session

Jam has officially rolled out for all Spotify users around the world on Tuesday, September 26. Users have to make sure their apps are up to date. Premium subscribers can start Jam, which any Spotify user—free or paid—can join.

All they have to do is invite their friends; from there, Jam will do its magic. It will help you find the perfect songs to complete your playlist and the overlaps in your listening preferences to suggest music that everyone will like. You can also see who has added the tracks, making the music-listening experience worthwhile.

To start, click the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen or hit the three-dot menu in the playlist or song. From there, choose the Start a Jam button. You can listen on your phone or speaker, and everyone on your shared Wi-Fi will be asked to join Jam when they open Spotify.

Three Ways to Invite Your Friends on Jam

You have three options to invite your friends to join your Jam. Spotify has yet to reveal how many users can join in, but it’s good to note that Group Sessions allows seven subscribers to listen together.

  1. You can turn on Bluetooth and tap your phones together
  2. Your friends can scan the QR code on your screen if you are the host
  3. You can also share the link through chat, SMS, and other means of communication

Spotify once again brings people closer together with its new feature. With Jam, friends, family, and acquaintances can bond over their love for music.

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