Spotify Wrapped 2022 – Know your Listening Personality

It’s that time of the year again! No, not Christmas. It’s time for Spotify Wrapped 2022 — the most personal annual event for music enthusiasts around the world. 

Spotify has rolled out a new Listening Personality feature and it has taken its subscribers by storm. There are about 16 categories, and you could belong to only one. So, how does this new feature work exactly?

What is the Listening Personality?

The Listening Personality feature in 2022’s Spotify Wrapped appeals to people who are fans of timeless online quizzes like “Which Harry Potter character are you?” Enthusiasts of third-party Spotify stats generators like Receiptify would totally love this.

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  • The feature is a lot like the Myers-Briggs personality test, which evaluates your social and psychological choices and assigns a personality type from a possible sixteen.
  • Does INFJ or ESTP ring a bell? This is basically the same thing. But the best part is you don’t need to take any sort of test to get these results. 

How does it work?

The Listening Personality feature identifies your listening traits, elements from your favorite tracks and then offers a personalized analysis of your taste in music.

  • It uses your year-long music listening history from Spotify and considers a wide range of metrics to determine where you fit in. 

According to Spotify, each user’s personality traits are determined based on four metrics:

  1. Familiarity (F) vs. Exploration (E): Are you someone who listens to the same artist on repeat or do you regularly listen to unfamiliar artists?
  2. Loyalty (L) vs. Variety (V): Do you listen to the same song over and over again or do you vary your listening pattern?
  3. Timelessness (T) vs. Newness (N): Are you someone who waits for new music to drop or are you a vintage old-school music person?
  4. Commonality (C) vs. Uniqueness (U): Do you listen to the biggest names in music, or do you look for the most obscure artists?

All 16 Listening Personality types

So, 8 different personality traits, 2 ends of the spectrum. You now have 16 Listening Personality types to choose from or rather belong to. Enough with the math, and let’s find out what the types are:

  • The Adventurer – ENVU
  • The Early Adopter – ENVC
  • The Deep Diver – FTVU
  • The Devotee – FNLU
  • The Replayer – FTLU
  • The Connoisseur – FTLC
  • The Maverick – ETLU
  • The Fan Clubber – FNVC
  • The Top Charter – ETLC
  • The Enthusiast – FNLC
  • The Time Traveler – ETVU
  • The Musicologist – ETVC
  • The Nomad – ENLU
  • The Voyager – ENLC
  • The Jukeboxer – FTVC
  • The Specialist – FNVU

What’s new in Spotify Wrapped 2022?

Listening Personality is just one among the many story cards that are displayed on your Spotify Wrapped.

  • The infographics are designed with eye-pleasing aesthetics, and you get to hear your most-repeated songs play in the background while you browse through your Wrapped.
Image courtesy of Spotify
  • Spotify has also introduced other fresh features in 2022’s Wrapped. Audio Day is an overview of how your listening fluctuates in a day. It’s basically your vibe check for morning, mid-day and night.
  • Added to that, you get a recorded thank-you message from the artists you listened to the most. Over 40,000 artists have done video cameos for their fans on Spotify this year.

  • Apart from the usual top artists, genres, and albums, Spotify comes up with something new each year to captivate its users.
  • Last year, it was the Audio Aura. This year, they have clearly outdone themselves with the Listening Personality feature.

Did you get your Spotify Wrapped for 2022 yet? What’s your Listening Personality type?

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