Spy x Family movie confirmed: What will be its plot?

Spy x Family had its Jump Festa 2023 panel time on December 18. We already covered the possibilities for a Spy x Family Season 2 revelation in the Jump Festa 2023. But in what seems to be Wit Studio x Cloverfield collaborative Spy x Family Anime’s big break; we will now be having a Spy x Family movie along with the second season. What can the Spy x Family movie plot be about?

As it stands, Tetsuya Endo’s Manga Spy x Family has garnered a huge gathering. Selling million in copies and even more in circulation. It was only natural that the story of Loid Forger, Anya, and Yor would inspire an anime of its own. But to take a double leap on that and to vision a movie film, we are pressed to wonder. Wonder what exactly can we expect from the Spy x Family movie?

Spy x Family Movie Key Visual revealed

Along with the Spy x Family Season 2 announcement, the panel in Jump Festa 2023 saw the announcement of the new feature film. Following this announcement was a big key visual reveal that featured Yor, Anya, and Loid “Twilight” Forger in a small plane. Anya is visioned shouting “EIGAKAN NI ODEKEKE” which roughly translates to “Go out to the cinemas!“.

What the author had to say about the Spy x Family getting big

do yor and loid marry spy x family movie plot
Courtesy of Muse Asia on Youtube Channel
  • The key visual is drawn by Tetsuya Endo himself. In the Jump Festa Panel, Mr. Endo had quite a lot of gratitude to express. Endo said that it was quite exhilarating to witness his drawn characters on the TV screens being part of the daily workings of people. Bearing to see the characters animated is one of the joys of life for Mr. Endo.
  • He also acclaimed how the Spy x Family Season 2 will be in full works in the next year 2023. Along with the second season, Tetsuya Endo san also remarked that it will be quite hectic given the Manga will be in full continuation without breaks.

What will the new Spy x Family film be about?

will yor and loid develop feelings for each other
Courtesy of Muse Asia on Youtube

So far we can confirm that the movie in the works is not planned to be based on the Manga.

  1. It is quite normal for anime franchises to drift off with anime movies that are non-canon in nature. Examples include almost all Naruto movies. Although the recent Naruto movies (Naruto The Last, Boruto: Naruto the Movie) have been canon in nature.
  2. The Spy x Family movie will not be based on any Manga arc, yet we do not want to rule out the possibility of it being canon yet. An original movie that is canon will be quite a good drift from the original tradition of manga to anime adaptation nowadays.
spy x family movie plot yor and loid love each other
Image via VizMedia

This would mean that the anime would have a source other than the manga that will still be part of the canon Spy x Family universe. If such a feat were to be taken, the producers will likely ask Tetsuya Endo to write it. An original plot by the author that is not manga but still canon? Take my strawberries 😉

How do you feel the new Spy x Family movie should turn out? let us know in the comments section below!

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