Spy x Family Season 1 Finale Episode 25 : What to expect? + Release Date

Spy x Family Season 1 Finale will conclude with 25 episodes, as the final episode aires on December 24, 2022. The second cour of the first season has been a hit among all other releases of this season, that includes giants such as Mob Psycho 100, Bleach Thousand Year Blood War, etc. As we near the finale, what can we expect from it?

  • Spy x Family Season 1 has shown eccentric character development on both the parts of Loid and Yor. Although Anya and Bond have always been the epitome of innocence, Loid and Yor haven’t been the most honest. Both of them have lied to each other and only meant to use each another for purposes having to do with their own missions.

While one is an assassin the other is a state spy. None of them know each other’s identity. But as the recent episode has shown, Yor may have started growing the feminine possessiveness for her husband.

What’s going on in Spy x Family Season 1 second cour

Spy x Family plot
Yor is a master assassin with certain psychopathic tendencies, courtesy of IMDB

Spy x Family’s second cour has been running since October 1. Currently, the series is still at Episode 23. The final episodes 20-24 have been adapting the Campbelldon Tennis Arc from the manga.

Loid Forger has teamed up with his co-worker Fiona Frost to enter an underground tournament. The tennis tournament is actually a facade for Loid’s agency to recover the Zacharis Dossier.

The Zacharis Dossier and Yor’s growing jealousy 

Spy x Family Season 1 finale Season 2
Fiona challenges Yor, image courtesy of Crunchyroll
  1. The Dossier is important primarily because it is stated to host a record of human experiments and many truths about prisoners of war. Details of which if leaked could ignite another war between Ostania and Westalis.
  2. The anime also adopts Yor finally struggling with jealousy. For an assassin who was redeemed to only be in a “pretend-be” marriage with Loid, she has definitely leaned on her warmer side. The anime also progresses the couple towards developing attachments to their family and each other.

Episode 24 of Spy x Family saw Loid’s team win the Zacharis 

  • In the previous episode, Twilight and Nightfall won their matches against the Campbell siblings. They also acquired the Zacharis Dossier from Cavi, one of the twins.
  • The episode also saw Fiona challenging Yor in a tennis match, hoping to win against her. Yor ends up brutally defeating Fiona however.

Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 25 release date + expectations

Spy x Family Season 1 Finale Episode 25

Given how things are heading, Episode 25 might be a filler. It should likely be something warm, concluding Yor’s doubts of Loid with Fiona Frost. It should also reiterate the second cour’s journey, including how Bond has become the family’s fourth edition. 

  • Episode 24 will see Loid taking Yor out for a date. The Episode 24 preview also hints at the appearance of Donovan Desmond, the well-revered antagonist of the series at Eden Academy.

Will we have a Spy x Family Season 2?

A second season is very likely to happen. Given how the Cloverfield x Wit Studio collab is going so well and the audience’s reception of the series. We expect a greenlit announcement for Spy x Family Season 2 to be announced alongside Episode 25. This announcement can also come through Spy x Family’s platform in Jump Festa 2023 on December 18.

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